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My Favourite Teddy! Draw With Me: February 2014

We LOVE this month's theme for This Mummy Love's Draw with me Linky. The theme is 'My Favourite Teddy' and all three of my children adore their teddies and cuddly toys.

Seven year old D has got his precious Blue Bear and Blue Bunny as his favourites who you can read more about here.
D and Blue Bear
And here is the picture of Blue Bear that D drew today for the Draw with me linky. I love how he has not only drawn Blue Bear but also drawn patterns and colour around it which is something he doesn't so often do.
Blue Bear by D, aged 7
There was a little girl sat next to him at the library today (where he drew his picture) and she suggested that he draws stars around Blue Bear so I think that's what gave him the idea of doing a pattern. So thank you little girl at the library!

Nine year old J would seriously struggle to pick an absolute favourite cuddly toy. He has so many and so many of them mean so much to him. He adores the Ernst Sorgenfressor worry doll we got for him for Christmas, as well as the Cubby Bear (J's thoughts about him can be found here) which The Toadstool sent to him last year as a thank you for his jokes.
J with Cubby Bear

He also has all his fave moshi toys too. And that is what he decided to draw today. His favourite Moshi Monsters cuddly toy - Mr Snoodle.

He was given Mr Snoodle when we visited Moshi HQ for the very first time several years ago.

J and D pose with their Mr Snoodle cuddly toys on their heads and with Mr Moshi (apologies for photo quality!)
Mr Snoodle by J, aged 9

And here is a first for our Draw With Me blogposts - Miss T joined in too! Daddy drew an outline of her favourite 'teddies' (ok rabbit and dog technically) and she coloured it in (covering up most of daddy's outline).
Hoppy and Patch by Miss T, aged 21 months
You can read more about Miss T's love of Hoppy and Patch here and here - although to be honest you will spot them pretty much attached to Miss T in many of our blog photos.

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  1. Wow thank you so much to all of you for joining in this month! We love your drawings and the stories behind them! x

    1. thanks Sonia - as always we had a lot of fun! Really love this topic as I'm sure you can tell. xxx

  2. So many brilliant drawings! Loving the name 'Mr Snoodle', too :) #DrawWithMe

    1. thank you. Can't take credit for the Mr Snoodle name - it is a Moshi Monsters moshling character - and a very cute one at that x

  3. Love their drawings and the pattern is a great idea round Blue Bear. #DrawWithMe


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