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Caravan King's Cross: Our second Movember meal

Another cold wet day in London! 
We seemed to have picked another cold wet day to visit London again. After arriving windswept for the first of our Movember meals at One Canada Square in January, we managed to get a bit more windswept getting to our the second of our Pan Macmilllan Movember meals at Caravan King's Cross.

This time we couldn't just blame the weather as we had spent the morning zooming down the Thames on a RIB London Voyages speedboat. It was their fundraising day for RNLI (see our blogpost about it here) and as we loved our power boating experience on RIB London before, we couldn't miss the opportunity to go again! 

Caravan King's Cross had a relaxed yet bustling atmosphere. It just felt a lively place with dining benches across the building, a bar area at the end and the kitchens which could be seen along one side. The building itself used to be an old grain store and that whole area of King's Cross has a lot of development going on at the moment and looks like it is going to be a really exciting place to visit! 
Dining benches along the length of the restaurant
The kitchens were along one side of the room
The menu is described as 'Well travelled food' and you can certainly sense that the dishes have been inspired by different cultures. 

For our starter we had freshly baked bread which came with olive oil for dipping and dukkah spices. We also had the charcouterie board of salamis and meats and a duck dish with cornichons.

There is then a selection of small plates to choose from with some more unusual and adventurous dishes and a selection of large plates to choose from. We chose a large plate each to have as a main course along with a side portion of tender-stem broccoli. 

As one of Miss T's favourite foods is broccoli, I think she single handedly polished off most of the broccoli!  
Daddy and Miss T enjoying main course.
Miss T adores broccoli! 
It was great that Miss T could come with us. I know our own Brilliant Chef would have loved to come too but he was busy at school. Perhaps next time.

Whilst Miss T was the only little one in there, no one batted an eyelid and they were equipped with highchairs too.

Then onto desserts:
Rhubarb crumble with seeds and spices

Chocolate caramel tart with Peanut butter ice-cream and peanut brittle

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