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London RIB Voyages Fundraising day for RNLI

We were heading up to London last Friday for the second of our Movember meals, this time at Caravan Kings Cross (see more about our first meal here). We happened to spot on London RIB Voyages facebook page that they were offering free mini rides on their boats as part of their fundraising for RNLI. 

As we had already been on one of their amazing speed boat rides last summer - we were extremely keen to go! Last time we took the boys with us but left Miss T being looked after by granny. This time the boys were at school, but Miss T was with us. As the trips are suitable for all ages (including babies) we took Miss T with us. 

The weather wasn't great but it didn't spoil our fun.

Here she is getting ready wearing a big warm coat that they provide and a life jacket:
We were not quite sure what she would make of it as I don't think she has been on any kind of boat before but she LOVED it!

The lovely Amy was our crew member again so we knew we were in safe hands. 
And the verdict from Miss T when the ride was over was 'again again' so I think we will have to be going again soon. I totally maintain that seeing London by speedboat is the best way to see the sights!

Thank you London RIB Voyages for a fabulous morning and well done on all your fantastic fundraising efforts. All London RIB Voyage staff donated their wages for the day as well as collecting donations. Fabulous work!
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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I must take my toddler on a boat ride too - am sure he'll love it!

  2. Helicopter on a nice sunny day takes a lot of beating for sightseeing...went from the estuary through London and landed at Battersea Power Station! The best view EVER of St. Pauls, dome gleaming in the sunshine at eye level!

    1. If you ever get the chance to take us - let us know :-) Sounds amazing xxx


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