> The Beesley Buzz: Miss T at 22 Months and the 300 Picture Book Challenge!

Miss T at 22 Months and the 300 Picture Book Challenge!

Me and my girl: Miss T at 22 months!
I'm combining Miss T's 22 month update with our 300 Picture Book Challenge that we are taking part in. You can find out more over at Child Led Chaos but basically the aim is to enjoy 300 Picture books over the course of the year.

We have been busy reading and looking at picture books since January but this is the first blog post I've managed to get around to writing about it. So I just need to make sure I remember to link up with the linky this week.

I'm combining it with Miss T's monthly update because books are such a big part of her life. She has seen her brothers enjoying reading throughout their time home-schooling and she sees that they love nothing more than borrowing a huge stack of library books and then making their way through them.

She sees that reading is never a chore for them, never something they 'have to' do but always something they enjoy doing. She sees that we have never talked about reading levels or stages with them but let them freely chose whichever books they'd like to read.

Sneaking a book into the cot to read!
So we often see her picking up a book and reading it in gobbeldy-gook to herself. She will also bring books to us to read with her and she especially loves a bedtime story too.

A bedtime story with Daddy!
We've set up a Pinterest board called Books to keep track of the books we've been reading. We've actually read a lot more but these are the ones that I remember to keep a note of and then pin to the board.
I keep some of my faves in the sling bookshelf downstairs so we can read them often

My favourite type of book is actually picture books so I am loving the opportunity to read some of my favourite books with Miss T.

Here's a very quick mention of the ones I've enjoyed most so far: I adore pretty much all Oliver Jeffer's books but especially The Heart and the bottle. I've also enjoyed reading The Tiger who came to Tea (one of my all time faves), and The Very Worried Sparrow. Miss T seems to really love 'Father Christmas Needs a wee' at the moment. Our version has a little finger puppet with it and she loves getting that out too.

If I ever find the time, I would love to write a few more words about each of these books and why I love them so much, but realistically, I don't get around to writing up about 90% of the blogposts that I would love to write as there just isn't enough time so we'll see if I ever get around to it!

Anyway onto Miss T. It is bizarre to think that by the time J was this age, I had a newborn baby with D being born as there is only 21 months between the boys. It makes me realise just how young J was when his brother came along and how much I expected of him at the time 'now that he was the eldest'.

Crazy really as I can see now that Miss T is so young still in so many ways. Her speech continues to develop day by day with lots and lots of new words. Having been unwell last week, she has the word 'calpol' added to her vocabulary, 'glasses' is also new as she tries to grab mummy's glasses to try on. 'Finished' when she's had enough food.

She also seems to understand that mummy's milk is 'finished' now and gets excited about putting a bib on and having her bottle of milk each evening instead.

She rarely needs the highchair these days as she sits at a booster seat at the table. Which is also a favourite place to sit and do 'pens'. She adores drawing and we love the look of concentration on her face as she draws, and see if you can spot her wiggling tongue!

She even joined in with this months 'Draw with me'. She knows how to say the colour 'pink' and loves the colour pink - often asking for pink when we are chosing her clothes for the day.

Although she misses her brothers lots now they have returned to school after home-schooling, she loves playing with them when they are around. She loved playing hairdressers with D the other day!

The other thing she has picked up from them is the word 'charge' or rather shouting 'chaaarge' as she runs across the room. She still does her meowing round the table, and her body nod has developed into a sort of 'uh huh' for yes, but rather than the usual 'uh huh' sound it sounds more like a gameshow buzzer where the contestant has got something wrong (so with the long emphasis on the second bit of the word rather than two short syllables that would normally be used for 'uh-huh').

One of the funniest new words is 'Grandog' which is the word she has made up herself to describe Granny and Grandad's dog.

Miss T and 'Grandog' (real name Holly dog)

I've scheduled this post for Miss T's 22 month birthday so just need to remember to link it up with Child Led Chaos' blog hop!
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  1. Shark in the Park is Jessamy's absolute favourite! We don't have a copy at home but I've got a copy of Shark in the Dark for her birthday so I'm hoping she'll be excited!

    1. Yes Shark in the park is a good one. Haven't seen shark in the dark - will keep an eye out for it! xxx

  2. Big Father Christmas Needs A Wee fans here too! That first picture of you both is just gorgeous - your top/dress colours is fab and suits you so well! x

    1. thanks Steph. I usually live in jeans and t-shirt so as I wore a dress for a change I had to sneak a picture of it onto the blog!

  3. She is such a cutie and pink is my favourite colour too so good choice. Its great that books are such a big thing with you guys. We come across so many children where reading just isn't important. Laura met someone last year who's child didn't have one book, such a shame. One of our favourite books is 'The haunted house' by Kazuno Kohara. It's such a cute children's story xx

    1. thanks Pauly. will keep an eye out for that book. We are yet to read the lovely miffy books and Dr Seuss books with Miss T as part of the 300 books challenge so we still have that to look forward to! xxx

  4. What a cutie! I spy lots of our favourite books here too :-) Lots of lovely pictures of book sharing, love it. Thank-you for linking up to #300PBs.


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