> The Beesley Buzz: Mexico - Another day at the pool and tennis - Post 3

Mexico - Another day at the pool and tennis - Post 3

Sunday 10th November
We did end up heading back to the quieter pool again before dinner.  We got out the pool just as it began to get dark. Daylight hours are from 6am to 6pm here at the moment. 

Dinner was at La Baja California and once again miss T fell asleep without eating! I grabbed her a sandwich from the sports bar to keep in the mini bar fridge in case she awoke hungry in the night.

Thankfully we all had a good nights sleep waking up at 6.50am rather than 2am or 4am as previously.

So we had a slightly later brekkie and ate at La Baja California for breakfast. There is a massive choice of good wherever we eat so it's hard to compare or say one restaurant is better than the others. 

We started out at the quieter pool near us and the boys headed to the waterslides for a bit. 

Then we decided to try out the swim up bar. It tends to get busier as the day goes on so we seized our opportunity. 

Despite having a big breakfast the boys were hungry again at around 12.30. We decided to eat at La Mision as it is right by the pool we were at. 

Then back to the waterslides and kids slide area.  

We'd noticed a sign for tennis courts which the kids were excited about so we booked a court for 5pm figuring that it should start to cool down around then but it is also before dark.

Tennis rackets and balls are available at reception. We stopped at the sports bar for a drink and nachos.  We really didn't need to eat nachos but they are majorly moreish with cheese sauce. 

Then it was back to the pool for an evening swim. It looked stunning in the dark with the pool lights on in the water. 

Showers then dinner at La Baja California where Miss T once again fell asleep. 

I'm thoroughly exhausted right now so bedtime for us all.

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