> The Beesley Buzz: Total hip replacement in Younger Patients: Week 5 Post-op update

Total hip replacement in Younger Patients: Week 5 Post-op update

Once again I've fallen behind on getting my updates up here. Here's week 5.

Written Wednesday 28th February 2018

Yesterday (Tuesday 27th February) was the 5 week milestone after my total hip replacement.

I had my physio session on Monday- she was pleased with my progress although advised to continue with the stick for outdoors even though I'm managing without it indoors. I was limping more without the stick- she thinks that could be because of how long things had been ‘wrong’ with my hip before.

I'm more stable on steps- again managing without the stick when at home.

I feel like gradually a kind of normality and routine to life is happening as I'm rarely having to have a day time rest on the bed and I tried the school run alongside Richard a couple of times.

However all this ‘normality’ is wiping me out. In general if I'm having a relaxed day I don't need that bed rest, but on busy days I find I really do need it.

Sleep has been better since the weekend. I've been getting a big chunk of about 4 hours sleep which is brilliant compared to the hourly waking I had before.

I'm doing my physio exercises twice daily and it's getting quite tough as it takes ages to run through all of them and with a new exercise added in (straight leg raise and hold x 10 secs for 10 reps while lying down) - it is hoped that will strengthen the muscle/ligament that has really been weak over the past 30 years and help me be able to get my leg to a 90 degree angle and eventually beyond.

I generally feel like my leg has the strength for driving but until I can get that angle improved I won't feel happy. So that is my priority this week so that the surgeon will give me the go ahead for driving at the 6 week check next week.

Finished my course if xaralto blood thinners on Monday- hurrah!

The big setback this week has been the snow making it dangerous to venture outside in case of slips and possible dislocation.

This is day 2 of the snow and I'm really pleased for Miss T as its her first experience of proper snow since she was a baby. I just feel annoyed that I can't properly enjoy it with her although I have ventured into the back garden each day onto fresh snowfall as that is less dangerous than when it gets icy.

I'm off all meds now. I was concerned whilst on xarelto that my period would be awful after reading horror stories online with people being hospitalised with blood transfusions etc but thankfully my fears did not materialise. I had one bad day but the rest was ok.

Overall a good week - In someways feeling pleased with progress and in other ways wishing progress was faster.

Bed sore that began on day of op still not healed

scar at 6 weeks - healing well

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