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Total Hip replacement - Quick update for week 6 and week 7 post-op

I scribbled down some notes on 6th March 2018 at the time of my 6 week post-op milestone...

My consultant was happy with everything at the 6 week check. I'd tried my wellies on (with lots of help) for the first time that day and found a short field walk exhausting as I could feel every bit of even slightly uneven ground far more accutely than ever before.

I'm generally still using my stick for outdoors as advised by the physio (although I didn't take it to the muddy field!)

I've discovered that trying to kneel really really hurts. At first I thought it was just that my muscles down the front of my legs hadn't been stretched in that direction for so long but come to think of it, my left leg is agony when I kneel and that could be to do with the leg length being adjusted during the op. Those muscles may never have had to stretch  that much before!

I've been able to lie on my front. The TED stockings have gone - hurrah!!!And I've been given permission to lie on my side (either side) without the slumber pillow as soon as it feels comfortable to do so (as yet it does not so I've been sticking with the slumber pillow between my legs).

The consultant has given me permission to drive as soon as I feel ready to. Again I don't just yet.

The insomnia has returned somewhat which is dissappointing.

Last Friday we ventured to Great Ormond Street for Miss T's appointment. I have to admit it was rather terrifying at times walking on the snow and ice.

This was followed by a difficult train journey home in a packed train because of the snow. Thankfully I got a seat but I was concerned at the station about being pushed over in the crowds. This remains a fear as a fall could still result in dislocation of the hip.

Then the weekend gave us another scare with chest tightness and discomfort with long visits to A&E to rule out pulmonary embolism.

Thankfully after two days of visits and a blood thinning injection into my stomach, xrays and a CT scan all was clear.

Hoping for a less eventful week next week!

Week 7 post-op update - Written on 12th March 2018....

Tomorrow is 7 weeks. I saw the physio today who thought my stick was now more of a hindrance so she's happy for me to go without it outdoors too with the exception of busy places where I could get knocked over or fall eg when travelling on train.

My lovely Auntie has been visiting so yesterday, on Mother's day, we headed to London and went on the Thames Rockets RIB boats. I've been lots before so although they made me sign a disclaimer because of my hip, I was pretty confident I'd be ok. Thankfully I was ok. It's my absolute favourite thing to do in London - it's a real thrill and yet I feel in safe hands and don't feel scared.

I tried a teeny bit of driving around the block today so I think I'm just about there for driving again soon too.

I'm gradually trying to increase the range of movement. It's really tough trying to retrain my brain and my body seems to automatically resist movement beyond a certain point because it knows from before that range of movement wasn't possible. So I'm still reliant on help with socks and shoes. Am trusting that one day I will get there.

I did my first school run alone and without the stick today. It felt very weird and the school run is proving to be a scary experience with kids on scooters rushing past.

I also managed a shower without the shower chair - again that was a bit nerve-wracking with the risk of a slip!

I'm going to pack the raised loo seat away in the next few days, along with the toilet rail and shower seat that can go back to granny as she kindly loaned them to us.

Life is slowly returning to normal!


  1. Glad to hear that the post-op convalescence stage is progressing reasonably. Week 7 certainly sounds better than week 6

  2. Oh goodness this all sounds so hard on you! It's always so frustrating when things aren't working for you as normal. Really hope you can get some strength back soon!


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