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Mikey The Monkey Hugzzies Review

Hugzzies got in touch recently to see if Miss T would like to review one of their 5 cuddly characters. There's Carly the Cat, Mikey the Monkey, Betty the Bunny, Pauly the Panda, and Dexter the Dog.

She chose Mikey the Monkey.

These are no ordinary cuddly toys. Described as "a warm hug" they are unlike other heatable toys we've had in the past as the long arms can attach around a child to keep them warm once the removable inner pouch has been heated in the microwave.

There are instructions everywhere - printed on the inner bag that gets heated up, on the outside of the box it arrives in and on an instruction sheet too - so you really can't go wrong. Just remove the inner wheat bag, heat in the microwave for 30-45 seconds (depending on your microwaves power rating), pop back into the hugzzie ensuring it is a safe temperature and not too hot for your child. Mikey' s arms then attach around the waist.

Rather brilliantly the hugzzie is washable! Always handy with toys that become favourites and just HAVE to go everywhere with you. Although care needs to be taken to avoid washing the velcro so hand washing with a sponge is recommended.

I was also impressed that it is only the inner wheat bag that requires heating rather than risking the fur of Mikey Monkey getting grubby in the microwave. The wheat bag has a gorgeous lavender smell - so calming. 

I can see this really coming into it's own as the weather gets colder...for walks, for car journeys and for a warm hug when relaxing at home.

It's recommended for children aged 3-8. I think it would make a brilliant Christmas gift and would be great for cuddling up with through the winter months.

But even when winter is over, I love that the wheat bag can be removed and Mikey can be used as a toy pouch - like a child's bum-bag to carry things around.

Find out more at Hugzzies. They're currently priced at £9.99 each. The trickiest thing will be deciding which cute character to choose!

Disclosure: Hugzzies sent Mikey the Monkey for Miss T to review and keep. All opinions are our own. 

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