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Making Back To School Easy with #ChileanEasyPeelers

Back to School season is stressful. There's no doubt about it. After the long lazy hazy days of summer, we get rudely thrown back into the school routine with the mornings getting chillier and the evenings getting darker.

So anything that can help makes things a little bit easier and help the household run a little bit more smoothly is always welcome here. And what a welcome delivery we received with a cute box of Chilean Easy Peelers!

Chile has the perfect climate for Clementines and Mandarins to grow and these little spheres of brightness certainly taste of the sunny climes that they're grown in. Sweet, juicy and incredibly tasty.

Just pop them into lunchboxes as they are - perfect for little hands to peel. Even Miss T was able to peel her own - freeing me up to get on with all the other things mums have to do for 'back to school' preparations. They are totally seedless which also helps make them a huge hit with us!

We've been enjoying these Chilean Easy Peelers both in our lunchboxes and as a convenient afterschool snack. If you can find a spare extra minute in the mornings, here are a couple of really easy fun ideas I found on pinterest to try. This little snail and octopus were so easy to make and my kids loved opening their lunchboxes to find these inside.

It also brought back my own childhood memories where we'd try to peel all the skin off in one go to make a long 'snake', and the peel looks so pretty curled into a rose. Lots of little ideas to help make fruit fun for kids.

As parents we're all keen to help our children get all the nutrients they need and to have a healthy diet - these little beauties are packed with Vitamin C and are also a rich source of fibre, calcium and magnesium. Perfect to help kids get one of their 5 a day.
We'd noticed that since D started secondary school, his eating habits had become less healthy - having the freedom to buy sugary snacks in his lunchbreak was beginning to take its toll on his health. So we introduced fruit & veg reward charts to help all 3 of my kids to make sure they're eating plenty of vegetables and fruit each day. They are loving it and it's made them super keen to make healthy snacking choices.

In fact, I think they've become rather too keen. This is a true story which I think speaks for itself in showing just how great these Chilean Easy Peelers really are...

As many bloggers will know, there's always a box or parcel lying around the house awaiting photographs to be taken and reviews to be written. Where perishables are concerned, I knew I needed to act fast when it came to taking photos to prevent the fruit becoming past its best.

But when I went to take my photos for this blogpost, I found that the number of easy peelers left in the box had reduced by half! The kids have been happily snacking on them in the short period of time between the box arriving and me taking my photos without me even realising because they've been able to peel them independently without my help. So I think it's safe to say that #ChileanEasyPeelers have become a very popular after-school snack in our household.

We've made a couple of little videos to show Miss T managing to peel her own and an acrostic about CHILEAN EASY PEELERS. Acrostic poems are a really fun way of writing poetry and for kids to think of ideas about a certain topic - if they're ever stuck with their homework, sometimes they start with an acrostic to help get the ideas flowing...So this video includes a little acrostic to show just how fab Chilean Easy peelers are.

And here's Miss T and D enjoying their after-school snack of Chilean Easy Peelers - This video captured the first time Miss T has managed to peel citrus fruit all by herself:

This post is an entry for the BritMums #ChileanEasyPeelers Challenge, sponsored by Chilean Citrus Committee. They're in season between September and November making them a perfect 'back to school' snack.


  1. Loving this - Great video and the peel-flower is beautiful! Best of luck with your entry!

  2. Love your acrostic. I remember trying to work out puzzles based on these as a child. Always was good fun. Fab entry with all that you've included. Good luck


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