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Embarrassing Italian Week: GBBO Bloggers 2017

Week 7 - the first ever Italian week. This will be a doddle I thought as I smugly thought about the fact that I've made my own pasta FROM SCRATCH on a few occasions in the past. But WHAT were those challenges all about!!! I don't own a deep fat fryer and I have a fear of deep fat frying so that ruled challenge one out. Pizza - well is just Pizza and although I did buy some mozzarella and basil in case I fancied having a go at pizza - I quite often make my own pizza so it didn't feel like properly baking something. So that left me with Sfogliatelle. I know! - Sfoglia-what?! I couldn't even spell it well enough for google to recognise to bring up a recipe to begin with.

To be honest I wasn't bothered by the pretty pastry element of this. The part that left me drooling was the ricotta filling. I love ricotta. So that's why I wanted to have a go at this. I started to google cheat's recipes. If only there was a way of using perhaps ready made puff pastry or even filo pastry to make the 'lobster tails', then I could have a go at making them.

But I couldn't find any success stories of this sort. Which should have been a warning sign really.

Ridiculously I decided to use a pack of puff pastry to try anyhow. It soon became apparent that there was no way I was going to keep any kind of 'puff' by trying to shape it into the right shape so I decided to just make the filling and top with the puff pastry. I did cut the pastry into pieces to try to layer them up a bit but it all ended rather random in the end.

So no pretty photos to show for it. Just an embarrassing mess that I don't even want to admit started out as an attempt at sfogliatelle.

But the verdict on the filling? Yum! I was right. I do love the delicious ricotta and semolina filling and ended up eating so much of it that I actually felt nauseous from over-indulgence. For the filling I used half-quantities of the recipe on Great Italian Chefs and as I didn't have any candied peel, I used the zest of an orange.

By this stage of the series, I'm finding that we're getting to know the contestants so much better. Liam is such a great character - he's my definite favourite this year. I really like Stacey too - her flusteredness just makes her so easy to relate to.

Do I even dare link this this up with GBBO Bloggers 2017???
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  1. I make make a pizza with the kids but we make our pizzas from scratch all the time so it seems like no challenge either. I like the idea of the sflogliatelle but I really don't have the time. Disaster or not, at least you've had a go!

  2. Well I am pleased you linked up Rebecca - so thank you. Also, well done on giving them a try - I could not be bothered to go through all that hassle to be honest. It just looks so complicated and I think I would rather fly to Italy and try one personally LOL! I love that you over indulged on the filling !!! thank you for. being so honest and linking up anyway xx

    1. ha ha - I love the idea of flying to italy to try one! x

  3. Good for you for giving it a go. Its fun to try new things in the kitchen even if they don't turn out how you expect them too.

    As for that filling I'm sure you can come up with other recipes made with it instead.

  4. I completely agree Rebecca, pizza is just too everyday sorta thing and I too didn't fancy deep frying cannoli despite the fact that they looked seriously scrummy! Love your idea of using a puff pastry .... any yup, that ricotta filling is so so yummy isn't it?
    Angela x

    1. they were a complete disaster but the filling was so tasty! x


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