> The Beesley Buzz: Mauritius Memories: Friday 18th August 2017

Mauritius Memories: Friday 18th August 2017

What a day! Weatherwise it has been a good one. Sun shining and pretty warm with only a couple of the teeniest lightest showers - more like a spray mist than a drizzle.

Healthwise things have been less good. 

The day started well. We decided to have the morning by the pool as the kids were booked into horseriding in the afternoon. 

Miss T and J were booked for a pony and horse ride respectively. Miss T had enjoyed her first ride so much that we opted for a longer 45 minute ride so that she and J could go together and do the route along the beach. 

D had asked to have a lesson so he was in the paddock. We've been so impressed with the horses and horse trainers here- they are like horse whisperers so in tune with the horses. I've been impressed with how they manage to keep the horses calm even when a speedy big delivery lorry rattled past so close. 

Things didn't go so well for D today. With a helipad on site we've seen a few helicopters around but one decided to inexplicably do a detour today and fly low over the stables.  

brave boy: splattered with dirt

D's horse bolted throwing him to the ground. Where the soothing voice if the trainer would ordinarily be enough to have calmed the horse, his voice could not be heard over the noise of the helicopter. 

Poor D landed on his head, with bruises to his thigh and back too. 

Amazingly he continued his lesson once the horse had calmed down but afterwards realised just how much his head was hurting. 

We ended up calling the doctor to check him over and he decided D would need to go to the hospital to rule out serious head injury. 

The latest I've heard is that he's had a CT scan and X-rays but they are keeping him in overnight for observation.

Meanwhile the rest of us headed to dinner. We'd had a brilliant MTX experience today with Miss T's favourite person, Abhisek, distracting her whilst we did the injection. Totally over and above the call of duty - this guy has been amazing from the moment we arrived and Miss T adores him. We were so pleased about how well her injection had gone.

But as we arrived to dinner Miss T complains of not feeling well. Thankfully she's been well last week after her MTX but Today she vomited at the dining table in the restaurant much to the horror of those around her. 

I did explain to the waitress that it us not a tummy bug or illness that caused the sickness but that it was caused by her injection. 

She then promptly drifted to sleep on granny's lap.

She's gone to bed without dinner and I'm hoping by the morning that she'll feel fine.

9.30 and it's my bedtime. Eyes drifting closed. 
after the accident

afternoon tea crepes and cookies

Miss T with Suzy the pony this time

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