> The Beesley Buzz: What a Marvel-lous day! (and Competition info)

What a Marvel-lous day! (and Competition info)

The actors that play Black Widow, Captain America and Spiderman in Marvel Universe Live
We had an amazing weekend in London last weekend with our Madame Tussauds visit where we enjoyed the Angry Birds exhibit, the Marvel 4D show and the Star Wars display. We ended the weekend on a real high with more Marvel excitement as we had been invited to find out more about Marvel Universe LIVE at a special event at the Disney store on Oxford Street.

*Competition Info*
Before I go onto tell you about just how AMAZING the Marvel Universe LIVE show sounds, I want to tell you about an awesome competition that Disney are running to win the Ultimate Marvel Family Experience. For every Marvel product purchased in store or online until 4th June 2016, you can be in with the chance to win this VIP experience...It includes VIP tickets to the UK Marvel Universe LIVE tour, travel and accommodation, and a Marvel Universe Live goody bag. Sounds great, doesn't it. You can find out more on the Disney Store competition page (terms and conditions apply).

Disney store has a brilliant range of Marvel products - to go through them in detail would need another entire blogpost (which we may well do because the kids are loving their Marvel toys and I'd love to tell you about them), but in the meantime you can see some of the items here.

Disney Store also have loads of weekend activity planned to celebrate the release of Captain America: Civil War. You can join in the fun at Disney stores across the UK and Ireland on Saturday and Sundays from 3 - 3.30pm until 4th June and everyday during May half-term (28th May - 4th June 2016). You get to pick whose side you are on; Captain America on his quest to remain independent to defend humanity or Iron Man who wants to support the government in their mission to protect the people. With a quest to complete, puzzle pieces to find and Avengers battle moves to learn - this really does sound like a fun activity.

Anyway, back to our Marvel-lous day...

We got to meet three of the actors who play the roles of Captain America, Black Widow and Spiderman in the Marvel Universe LIVE show. To call it a 'show' sounds a little lame as it is so much more than that.

Having seen the trailer it looks phenomenal...there is a story behind it and yet there is so much more with motorbike stunts, martial arts action, acrobatics, pyrotechnics, and packed with Superheroes taking on Marvel's most sinister villains! It sounds totally unique, epic, amazing, incredible and awesome.

Here's the trailer if you want to see for yourself:

We felt so privileged to meet these performers and hear a little about what goes on behind the scenes of such a huge and technically advanced show.

It was interesting to hear that a fully equipped gym travels on tour with them as staying fit and in peak condition is vital for managing to do all the stunts that they need to do in the show.

I loved the inspirational advice they gave to the kids too about staying healthy, eating well and following your dreams. 'Spiderman' told us to always remain childlike in our hearts.
A spot of superhero training going on here
The kids also got to do a spot of Superhero training to build up their strength, and Spiderman demonstrated his skills with a backflip.

Marvel Universe LIVE! begins in the UK on Wednesday 7th September 2016 in Nottingham before visiting the O2 in London, then going onto Birmingham, Glasgow, Sheffield and Manchester. The complete list of tour dates can be found on the website.

You can also follow Marvel Universe Live on facebook at www.facebook.com/MarvelOnTour, on twitter @MarvelOnTour and on Instagram @MarvelOnTour

A final word on that competition...As someone who adores competitions, over the years I've found that purchase necessary type competitions like this one, tend to be lower-entry than general competitions that anyone can enter without purchase. In addition, there are 14 prizes to be won which is brilliant. Good Luck! Remember to keep hold of that receipt as proof of purchase too!

A massive thank you to Marvel and Disney for inviting us to this special event and for the fabulous goody bags.


  1. The kids look as if they had a wonderful time. We need a visit to Madam Tussards, I don't thin my younger two have ever been there. Mich x

    1. yes it was a fabulous weekend. I'm so glad we visited Madame Tussauds too and it was just incredible how all our events tied in brilliantly together by coincidence. x


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