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Draw With Me - May 2016 - Favourite books (and a Cupcake craft idea)

This is such a fabulous linky from This Mummy Loves. If your kids like to draw and you're a blogger, I would highly recommend joining in with this as there is also a fabulous prize up for grabs. 

We love to record what the kids have been doing on our blog and #drawwithme is a great way to capture their drawings and crafts. Just like last month, the boys have been mega busy and so it is Miss T who wanted to join in. 

When I asked her what her favourite book was to join in with this months theme, I began to list some of the books that I know she enjoys...The Tiger who came to tea, Stuck, The Gruffalo's child and so on. She stopped me and went off to find her favourite book. 

It was the BBC Good Food Bakes and Cakes book. She has her own copy of this book as D was given an extra copy when he won the junior bakes competition at the Bakes and Cakes show a couple of years ago which he gave to Miss T as she loves to bake too. 

I asked her if she was going to draw a cupcake but she had her own ideas. She had seen Mr Maker make a fake ice lolly and so she wanted to do a craft project doing the same thing with a cake. 

She even let me take step by photos in case anyone wants to recreate this craft at home. 

1. Find a couple of cupcake cases.

2. Scrunch up a piece of scrap paper

3. Wrap it in a piece of tissue paper

4. Put some glue into the paper cupcake case

5. Stick your tissue-paper covered 'cake' inside. Then decorate with glitter and sequin 'sprinkles' 

6. Finally add a red pom-pom on top as a cherry.

After that she was on a roll and wanted to do more craft. This time she chose Stickman as her inspiration and made a Sticklady using an old kitchen roll tube. 

Linking up with Draw with me - I know technically Miss T's efforts are craft rather than drawings but I don't think anyone would mind - I'd love to see lots of other people link up too to this fab linky. 

This Mummy Loves...


  1. We definitely do not mind at all... any creativity is welcome! We absolutely LOVE seeing Miss T's creations each month, they just get better and better! I love her ideas and LOVE the fact she chose a cupcakes book! Brilliant! Thank you so much for joining us again x

    1. thanks for your lovely comments. Miss T certainly has a lot of fun joining in! x

  2. I love that Miss T chose her cupcake book as her favourite book, it really made me smile :-) Her cupcakes look so impressive, as does Stickman. She looks to have had a great creative hour or two.
    Angela x
    Only Crumbs Remain

    1. It was really cute that she chose that book! I love that she really knows her own mind when it comes to making certain decisions. x

  3. Bless her choosing the Cupcake book as her favourite. That is so sweet. And I love her crafts #DrawWithMe

    1. i know - it was just so cute and funny! Especially as she has SO many childrens books but instead she hose that as her favourite. x


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