> The Beesley Buzz: Wax lyrical about the new Angry Birds exhibit at Madame Tussauds

Wax lyrical about the new Angry Birds exhibit at Madame Tussauds

After giving a glimpse into our exciting weekend in London, I wanted to go into more detail about just how amazing we found Madame Tussauds to be. (Warning: This is a photo-heavy post - I just had so many things I wanted to include!)

We had been invited to see the new Angry Birds exhibit on it's opening day last Saturday timed to coincide with the upcoming launch of the Angry Birds movie this Friday. Having not been to Madame Tussauds since I was a kid, I was really quite excited to see how things had changed.

Back in those days, I remember it being much like a boring museum and I didn't really feel it was engaging in any way. I have a feeling that you couldn't even get up close to the wax exhibits as they were roped off and had to be viewed from a distance.

My how things have changed. The excitement began before we had even set foot inside. I saw Miss T shyly waving to someone. My immediate thought was "Who on earth is she waving to? We don't know anyone in London." Then I looked up and saw a picture of C-3PO. She has recently become a massive Star Wars fan and it was C-3PO that she had spotted.

Once inside, we got to see the new interactive Angry Birds exhibit. Unlike the other wax exhibits, this one has a digital backdrop showing clips from the movie that you can actually interact with.

Our favourite parts were making music by running up and down and popping balloons.

Just like the other waxworks, you can get right up close to the stars of the Angry Birds Movie, 'Red', 'Chuck' and a huge sized 'Bomb'.

I did wonder whether it would be obvious to people that it was an interactive display rather than just movie clips playing in the background, but later on when we went past it again, I overheard a member of staff explaining all about it to visitors.

It was great getting to see this amazing digital first for Madame Tussauds on it's opening day. It is going to be at Madame Tussauds: London until July, before touring Madame Tussauds attractions worldwide.

Alex Lambeek, Chief Commercial Officer at Rovio Entertainment, commented: “It’s wonderful to be part of an exciting first for Madame Tussauds, which very much reflects Rovio’s mission to bridge the digital and physical worlds and bring the Angry Birds to life in new and stimulating ways. The experience is very playful, very colourful and a lot of fun. Guests get transported into key moments from the movie as the animation plays out around them, and Red, Chuck and Bomb have obviously achieved film star status now, with their own Madame Tussauds figures.”

Another way that Rovio are bridging the digital and physical worlds is their exciting new game Angry Birds Action! By scanning special 'bird codes' located out in the real world, augmented-reality minigames can be unlocked within Angry Birds Action! You can find out more here.

With the Tussauds exhibit, the new movie and the new app with the BirdCodes initiative - this really is an exciting time for Angry Birds!

Whilst we were there we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see the other exhibits on display. We were truly wowed.

It would have taken far to long to take photos of/with all the waxworks but we made the effort to do so with some of our favourites. Here are some of our highlights...

For my late mum who adored Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson...

Princess Diana was also a huge favourite of hers but even all these years later, Princess Di's waxwork was still being mobbed by fans, we didn't mange to get close enough for a pic as a squabble was taking place between others getting photos with her.

For Richard, seeing Arnie as Terminator was a blast from the past as we grew up in the era of the original Terminator film.

For me, well being a blogger, I couldn't bypass the opportunity of sitting in Zoella and Alfie's bedroom for a photo.

I also snapped a pic of the Queen as I think she is just amazing to be going strong at 90 and remaining so committed to her duties as Queen.
There was so much that the children could relate to as well. We loved seeing the great scientists, artists and historic royals. What a fun way to learn more about history.

The current sportspeople and athletes.

They recognised Morgan Freeman as they have seen him in the film Evan Almighty playing 'God'.

One Direction, who I am guessing would have at one time proved the most popular exhibit, were looking rather lonely so we joined them for a photo.

There was plenty for Miss T to see too.

There was an awesome Marvel area and a 4D Marvel movie which was amazing.

And then, the grand finale...I know that our task that day was to focus on the Angry Birds exhibit but having a 4 year old mega Star Wars fan in the family, it was the Star Wars section that really made Miss T's day.


She did not stop smiling throughout the Star Wars section. We could tell it really meant so much to her. After all this is the girl who, when asked what she wants to be when she grows up, answers "I want to be Luke Skywalker".

She watches Star Wars movies literally every day and when she drops an item says 'don't worry, I'll use the force to pick it up'.

The Angry Birds exhibit is great. We'd recommend visiting to see it whilst it is in London. But whilst you're there, there is so much more to enjoy too.

Thank you Madame Tussauds and Rovio for inviting us to the opening day of the Angry Birds exhibit. We went on to see a preview screening of the Angry Birds movie the next day which tied in so well with our visit and then had a special Marvel event to attend which again was perfect timing following our visit to the Marvel section of Madame Tussauds.  


  1. Glad you all had such fun, super pics x

  2. Totally enjoyed these pictures xx

  3. This looks an amazing day out. We're hoping to do a London trip after son1 finishes chemo and I think this would go down very well. I missed it as I was working, but the boys went to The Angry Birds movie on Saturday and loved it

    1. I really was impressed by how much there was at Madame Tussauds and how interactive it is nowadays. x


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