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Miss T turns 4

Last month Miss T turned 4. I have no idea where the time has gone. One of the things I am grateful for is having this blog to record things along the way...I started doing updates quite early on for Miss T. We have a record of when she started weaning, eating chocolate cake, teething, helping with reviewing products when we were Nuby bloggers, and more regular monthly updates like at 10 months, 14 months, 15 months, her first words at 16 months (not sure why the video isn't showing on that link - will try to fix it), 17 months, 19 months, 20 months, 21 months, and so on, her dedication, even some of her (my) favourite dresses got a mention on the blog. Holidays have been recorded and lots of other fun times. Her JIA story has also appeared on here which will hopefully help her understand what treatment she has had when she gets older. 

So here we are at 4. And if the boys are reading this wondering why I am not quite so dedicated at documenting their lives growing up, it is because they are far more camera shy than Miss T and they are so busy with their lives that there are less opportunities for documenting things in detail. They are also getting to the age where they value their privacy more and so it feels less and less appropriate to write in any great detail about them. 

Miss T helped to make cupcakes for her birthday. 

For her birthday party we went to Bill's restaurant for a kid's brunch with a few of her best friends which was really lovely. We've actually been back there since for lunch too as we enjoyed it so much.

Then it was off to Build-A-Bear Workshop. Although we have been to Build-A-Bear several times before, we had even done a review for them in the past, this was our first party experience there.

 Miss T and her friends enjoyed choosing, stuffing, fluffing and dressing their bears.

Needless to say we had a fabulous time and have also been back to Build-A-Bear workshop again too since then as Miss T wanted to spend her birthday money there.

She loved opening her presents and got some really special gifts, new toys and a couple of new outfits. I wrote about her Little Bird green dress already here.

Looking back over the past year, she has done so well given that her journey has been one of a typical toddler - having to get to grips with all her medication, adjusting to using a wheelchair, then adjusting back to trying not to use a wheelchair, coping with pain and hospital visits. It amazes me how well she has taken it all in her stride.

She is just such a delightful little girl.

May the next year and many many years to come be full of blessings for you Miss T!


  1. Happy Birthday Miss T. Fab cakes. We love Build A Bear here too. Wish I had been blogging when my boys were tiny. I lost all the milestones I recorded online in an 'MSN space' which they deleted without asking me

    1. oh what a shame it got deleted. we had a friend that lost all their digital baby photos and it really is a worry when so much is online and 'virtual' x

  2. Looks like she had such a lovely day, definitely a tiger theme going on with Miss T.

    1. Yes she had a really special day - thank you. She and her biggest brother will wear their tigers onesies at every opportunity! x


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