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The Perfect Personalised Stocking from Pink Lining!

A pretty pink parcel,
What could it be?
A beautiful stocking,
Just for me!

A classic design,
and generously sized,
And best of all...
My name! It's Personalised!

What's this in the pocket,
Let us take a peek...
A cute Christmas robin,
playing hide and seek.

Thank you Pink Lining, 
I couldn't wish for more,
Now I have a stocking to be filled,
With Christmas gifts galore!

This stunning Christmas stocking is available from Pink Lining. Priced at just £10 (without personalisation). You can add a personalised name (up to 11 characters) for £4.99 extra. All prices correct to the best of our knowledge. Please check yourself for current price at time of ordering. 

Pink Lining also offer personalisation on some of their other products in the Pink Lining Child range. They also have lots of other amazing Christmas gift ideas: 


  1. I wish I still had a stocking! It is a lovely one x

    1. We tend to have a joint one for grown-ups and the kids each have their own. Now i will have one of my own from now on - yay!


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