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The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes on Nintendo 3DS

I can remember a time long ago when my older brother played The Legend of Zelda for hours on what can now only be called an antique games console. So when the lovely people at Nintendo gave us the opportunity to review The Legend of Zelda - Tri Force Heroes we jumped at the chance, keen to see how the story has developed over that time.
The world of Hytopia is in trouble. Their fashion conscious princess has been cursed by the jealous evil witch, and can no longer wear the clothes she loves. The land is in peril as a great depression falls over people because of it. Your mission is to complete the levels, defeat the witch and break the spell. Simples!

You enter the Drablands on the missions. You are armed with a sword, but collect items on the way that will help. You play as Link, the hero in this game. But there are actually three of you! You can either play on your own, switching between each Link to take control of them (otherwise they stay where you last left them and wait), or you can play with two other players.
This multiplayer option is where The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes really comes into its own. You have to work together to solve the puzzles and defeat the bad guys. You can pick each other up, to make a totem of characters - the one at the bottom walks the team around whilst the one at the top can keep using their sword or items. It takes a fair bit of skill, but is one of those rare events where the brothers in this house have to talk to each other and work together cooperatively - otherwise you cannot complete the levels.
Multiplayer is available over the internet, using local devices each with the game or, as in our house, using local Download play.

Eleven-year old J, our resident gamer, has written this:
In the legend of zelda tri-force heroes you are a link and you have to complete the levels. The princess was forced to wear horrible clothes by the evil witch. You use the a button to pick up items and throw things, the b button to use your sword, the y button to use the items you pick up and the L or R buttons to run. There are really cool items such as: fire gloves, arrows, bombs, water rods, boomerangs and much more.

It is a three-player game but you can play by yourself using doppels. Doppels are wooden puppets that you can control to complete the levels. Using doppels is harder than playing with three people as you can only move one doppel at a time. There are different areas that have levels in and at the end of each area there is an area guardian.

There are different costumes that you can buy by going to the right shop and buying the costume that you want with the right materials and rupees. Rupees are the money that you can get in the levels.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is out now on Nintendo 3DS, and offers hours of entertainment and fun.

The final word goes to J, who says the game is "Awesome!"


  1. whenever I see your posts I think we need to be friends on our consoles' then we can play online. do the boys have any idea how we do it? we loved the game too xx

    1. I'll see if Richard knows how. That is a great idea! x


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