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Dear Santa...from Daniel x

Nine year old D is our middle child. We joke about him suffering from 'middle child syndrome' - caught between an older brother with Aspergers and a younger sister with Juvenile Arthritis, D is extremely understanding, caring and just the best brother anyone could have.

But he doesn't get as much attention from us as he deserves because of his older and younger siblings' needs. He has to fit in around J's timetable and Miss T's numerous hospital appointments. He tends to get hand-me-down clothes and toys from his big brother and rarely anything new of his own.

So for this blogpost, I decided he would be the centre of attention. He could write his perfect Christmas wishlist to Santa. Everything he dreams of and I hope that Debenhams might be able to make his wish come true!

He wrote this note to Santa and chose the following 5 favourite items from Debenhams.

1. LEGO Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport - 75078 - Perfect for a LEGO and Star Wars fan like D.
2. Despicable Me Travel Art Set - D loves to draw and this is perfect for car journeys to keep him busy and having fun.
3. Ravensburger Minions Bumper Puzzle Pack - D knows that Miss T is really getting into puzzles lately and she adores minions so D thought this would be amazing for them to do together.
4. Nerf Nerf-n-strike Elite rampage blaster - We already love Nerf guns in this family and D would love to get Nerf battling with his big brother and daddy too.
5. Crayola Design and Sketch 65 piece set - D can never get enough of new stationery and colouring items and his eyes just lit up when he saw this incredible set!

What I love so much about Daniel is that he is always thinking of others and the choice of the Minions items was with his sister in mind as she is a massive Minions fan and he was thinking of how he could spend quality time with her.

And as seems to have become a family tradition of ours he drew a picture for Santa too which we will leave out on Christmas eve.

You can find out more about Debenhams Christmas Blogger Competition here. And you can see all the amazing toys for all ages of children on the Debenhams website.


  1. What a sweetie, I love that he wants to play with his brother and sister with his toys, all credit to you Rebecca. Mich x

  2. :-) Such a lovely post Rebecca (& D). It's lovely too he's listed only 'smaller' gifts from Santa rather than expecting more expensive items such as a note pad and the likes. I'm just loving his drawing of Santa - brilliant :-)
    Angela x

    1. All my kids are great with generally not asking for big ticket items. Thankfully they are not hugely swayed by the TV ads at this time of year either. D loves his art and craft stuff. x

  3. Aw lovely - Good luck! I totally missed this competition x

    1. i love reading the debenhams blog 'the daily debrief' and saw it on there. x

    2. He is such a gorgeous boy and by the sounds of it on the inside too. I love how he has used colours so creatively in his letter and I like the Santa drawing tradition, the stuff good memories are made of.

    3. thanks Kate - yes he is just so kind hearted and creative too. x


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