> The Beesley Buzz: Vancouver & Whistler Diary - Part 4

Vancouver & Whistler Diary - Part 4

Technically I should be calling these blog posts 'Whistler Diary' rather than 'Vancouver diary' now but it is part 4 of our holiday diary either way.

Friday 29th August 2015
Today was the first rainy day we've had here in Canada.

When there was a break in the rain we headed north of Whistler towards Pemberton to Nairn falls.

This place is definitely worth visting. There is car parking but not much else here making it more remote than Shannon falls.

The path was narrow and had rocks and roots and ran alongside a steep drop down to the river so Miss T's wheelchair had to be left in the car and daddy had to carry her most the way.

The last part involves crossing some slippery rock to get to the viewing platform to see the amazing falls.

We headed back to Whistler after that and the weather started brightening up.

Lunch was at Earls. The food was pretty ok. The boys chose burgers and fries which has become their 'usual' and we had steak. But we didn't rate the atmosphere there. The waitering staff were all female in short tight skirts and it just didnt sit right with us for what was supposed to be a family friendly place to eat.

We got ice creams from Cows. Messie bessie flavour was just the best!

Another stop at the Olympic plaza play area then gradually made our way home.

Saturday 30th August 2015
The rain continued today but I think it was a welcome relief for locals who have been on high alert for risk of forest fire.

We decided to head a little way south of Whistler today to see Brandywine falls.

This was far more accessible and had flat paths to the viewing platform. This waterfall was wider and D and J said it was their favourite.

My favourite was Nairn falls as it was incredible to see that huge amount of water forced through the narrow gap between the rocks.

This afternoon I think all our adventures finally caught up with me and I napped whilst the others watched Big Hero6 on TV.

We decided to go back to Crepe Montagne for dinner - this time sharing the Cordon bleu chicken crepe between me and Richard to leave more room for dessert.

Last day in Whistler tomorrow.

Sunday 30th August 2015

I don't have notes made for this day or Monday when we travelled back. So will just go by the photos. I remember there being a LOT of rain!

We went to the Squamish and Lil'Wat cultural centre in Whistler. Very fascinating and well worth a visit.

There is a fabulous gift shop and the Thunderbird cafe had some of the BEST and most reasonably priced food we had our whole holiday. It was really great!

Monday we stopped off at Horseshoe Bay again to say goodbye to my Aunt. Then headed to the airport.

The drive back from Whistler was incredible with all the rain that day. Then rain was creating lots of mini gushing waterfalls from the rocks as the terrain is so mountainous and rocky. That was really special to see.

A long flight back, and a lot of jet lag to get over and we were home. As we'd all coped so well with the jet lag going out to Vancouver, I thought it would be a doddle adjusting back to UK time, but it took a good week for me to feel like sleeping at night again.

It also felt like the feeling you get after Christmas, when you know that January has come round and you've got to get back to real life and into the routine of things but you really don't want to.

I feel really glad that we went to Canada even though it was a big decision and a big journey to do. We were so fortunate to see so much of the wildlife, landscape and people and it was of course especially nice to meet up with my relatives again after such a very long time.

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