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Competition info: Become a presenter on Nintendo Girls Club!

As Nintendo Family Bloggers, we've been asked to share a very special video with you....On how you can win the chance to become a presenter on Nintendo Girls Club.

The competition ends on 20th September 2015 and full terms and conditions can be found here under the video on You Tube. 

We've never felt the need to do the whole gender stereotype boys vs girls blog post. There are plenty of excellent blogposts already written on the topic and sometimes it can almost create an issue where there isn't one.

Instead we've always shared what our kids get up to regardless of whether those activities are historically stereotypically considered to be boys or girls activities.

For example, when we received a fabulous PINK and white go-kart to review from Activity Toys Direct, both my BOYS were happy to ride it and review it and they didn't even mention the colour. They just thought it was a fab go-kart.

When J was younger he wanted a dolls house for Christmas when he was 3. He insisted that he wanted a pink one. Santa couldn't get hold of a purely pink one so he got a pink and purple one which he was thrilled with.

Miss T loves to wear pretty dresses, dress up in princess frocks, and have her hair done up nicely, but she ALSO loves wearing her brothers hand-me-down clothes (which are what would traditionally be considered 'boys' colours), playing football, building train tracks and playing with cars.

The point I'm trying to make is that we've never deliberately restricted any of them in the colours they wear or toys they play with.

So I admit at first I was a little reluctant to share about Nintendo 'Girls' Club. Why was there a need for a specific club for girls? Both Miss T and her cousins (both girls) enjoy playing the same games as J and D enjoy playing. At first I couldn't see the point in it.
Gaming boys and girls - having fun together playing the wii-u
But I popped over to the You Tube Channel and watched a few of the Bitesize Videos featuring Vlogger Mandy Hynes and although I can't quite decide whether I like Mandy or find her a tad annoying, I actually enjoyed watching the videos and finding out more about various games.

My favourites are Episode 6 which focusses on Harvest Moon: the Lost Valley (one of J's favourite games at the moment, you can see our review of it here), and Episode 10 which features Tomadachi Life which we all love in this household! (our review of it is here).

Although Miss T is a little young to fully appreciate the Nintendo games that we have, she does like to get involved in the excitement. She easily recognises Nintendo characters, has her own favourites and we have started to let her play a few games. We've got an old DS Lite so we will let her use that to play Mario Kart. We help with the steering whilst she presses the other buttons. And she really enjoys that.

We also let her get involved with some of the age appropriate Wii-U games. Whilst the controls are still a bit tricky for her, she enjoys getting set up on one of the controllers and 'helping' the others. Kirby's Rainbow Paintbrush and Yoshi's Woolly World are two of her fave wii-u games. You can see in our Kirby review, just how 'into' it Miss T is from our photos!

As she grows up, she may or may not get into watching Nintendo Girls Club, and that will be up to her, but at least it's there as a choice.

Please note that the contest to become a presenter on Nintendo Girls Club is being run by Nintendo Girls Club and is not linked to The Beesley Buzz. We have just shared this information as Nintendo Family Bloggers. 

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