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Our top after swim snacks

Since Miss T's diagnosis we still don't fully understand rheumatoid arthritis, where the body's autoimmune system causes inflammation and damage to joints. It is thought there is a strong hereditary link but we don't know why it affects her and not J or D. We don't understand why several of her joints are affected, yet my arthritis began in one single joint. We don't know why some days are worse than others. Why the methotrexate treatment has worked in improving some of her joints but not others.

But one thing we do know is that hydrotherapy helps. All the medics and healthcare professionals that have seen Miss T also agree.The warm water of the hydro pool, the movement of her joints, the strengthening of her muscles, all help to keep her mobile and active.  

Miss T has been coming to the hydrotherapy pool with me for a long time, even before her own diagnosis of juvenile arthritis. We go each week, she splashes and plays. Whilst she has never been offered hydrotherapy sessions with a therapist, we've been told that going weekly and just moving in the water will do the world of good. 

And after hydro each week, she is hungry and it's become a compulsory part of her routine to have a snack on the way home - in no particular order, these are some of her favourite snacks! 

9Bar is pack with seeds and gives a real energy boost. We've long loved 9Bar in this family and think the new look packaging is great.

Mini Cheddars
Probably the least 'healthy' of our after-swim snacks as Mini Cheddars are not packed with seeds or fruit, but they are baked so are a healthier alternative to crisps. They are also nicely filling so if Miss T hasn't had a big lunch, then I feel happy that these will fill her up enough to keep her going.

Sun-Maid raisins
I love the handy little packs that Sun-Maid raisins come in. Making them so easy to pop into the change bag and take out and about with us. In fact, you can spot a pack of them in our 'it's in the bag baby' video and blogpost for Pink Lining here.

Bear Yo-Yos
We've been buying Bear Yoyos pretty much since they launched. We LOVE that they are pure fruit with no added sugar and they are so tasty. They are another favourite that regularly make it into our change bag. 

Kallo Kids Milk Chocolate Rice cake minis
These are a new snack to us and the kids immediately loved the cute packaging. Kallo Kids Milk Chocolate Rice Cake Minis come in a multipack of 6 individually wrapped packs. In each of those individually wrapped packs, there are 4 of the mini rice cakes. With cool illustrations of a fox and flamingo and even little rhymes on the side of the packaging, we thought these were great fun.

These are perfect for when plain rice cakes just won't do as the layer of chocolate just makes them extra special. Enough chocolate to taste chocolatey but not enough to pile on the calories as there are only 69 calories per portion pack! That's only 69 calories in 4 of these tasty mini rice cakes!

We also got a pack of Kallo Milk Chocolate Corn Cakes to try. Each of these is bigger yet only has 78 calories. Again chocolately enough to taste REALLY good. What I particularly loved about these (apart from the yummy taste) is that being 'corn cakes' rather than 'rice' cakes, they are more suitable for D who benefits from a lower GI diet. Rice cakes, although very healthy in many ways, are actually quite high GI and my understanding is that corn is considered mid-GI rather than high GI so it means that D can enjoy these more regularly as a snack. There was even a rhyme on the packaging for these too.

So we'll definitely be including these Kallo snacks in our regular portfolio of after-swim snacks! 

Disclosure: We were sent a pack of Kallo Kids Chocolate Rice Cake minis and a pack of Kallo Milk Chocolate Corn cakes to try out. 

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