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Penguins are Perfect!

You might remember that the Penguin Love Notting Hill Tote bag from Pink Lining arrived just before our summer holiday to Canada (You can see my unboxing video here).

I'm so in love with my Yummy Mummy Pink Lining Changing Bag that I knew it would be a risk to leave that one at home for the first time ever and take the new bag on holiday.

Although it looks like a stylish tote bag, the Notting Hill Tote bags are in fact changing bags and come with two insulated bottle pockets inside as well as a wets bag and a folding changing mat.

It looked spacious enough so I decided I would take it - It fitted perfectly under the airplane seat making it the ideal size as my smaller piece of hand luggage. All of the Pink Lining bags are of such high quality that I tend to think of them as 'luggage quality' especially with the little studs underneath and the strength of the wipeable outer fabric. The straps are strong and durable too so I have every confidence in the quality of these bags.

It came EVREYWHERE with us for the next two weeks!

And even to meet the real penguins at Vancouver aquarium!

We love love love the Penguin Love print - It is just a genius idea to have a penguin print as I can't think of anyone who doesn't love penguins. It was whilst sorting through my holiday photos for our diary posts (see below for links) that I realised just how useful this Pink Lining bag has been on our holiday so I felt it deserved a post all of its own showing lots of the places these penguins on my bag visited.

One of the things I got very excited about in our unboxing video is the buggy straps that this bag has. As well as the main shoulder straps, this bag has two strong fabric loops on either side of the bag which can loop around a buggy bar or stroller handles. When not in use or not needed, they simply tuck away.

You might have noticed that I haven't done a proper review style post about the Penguin Love bag - this is because I have another really fabulous bag from Pink Lining that will be reviewed soon.

But this bag has also been so amazing and perfect for our holiday that it deserves lots of mentions.

When Miss T first began to need the occasional use of a wheelchair at the start of the summer holidays one of our big dilemmas was carrying things around with us. Unlike a buggy, a wheelchair has no 'shopping' basket, and the wheels are so big on Miss T's style of wheelchair that even specialist panier bags designed for wheelchairs were unsuitable (not to mention so dull, plain and ugly) and that is where the Penguin Love Notting Hill tote REALLY came into its own. Using the buggy loops, it was the perfect fit for Miss T's wheelchair solving a very real problem for us. Thank you Penguins - Thank you Pink Lining!

As Pink Lining Ambassadors, we were sent this bag. All opinions are our own honest opinions.
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  1. This is a really lovely bag and one we could do with on our days out. Who doesn't love penguin print! x


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