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The Tilda Mood Food Challenge Round-Up

This is last blogpost of this series of Tilda blogposts we've been writing. We hope you've enjoyed some of the recipes we've been sharing from The Mood Food Manual. To find out more, you can read our original post here or you can pop over and download a free copy of The Mood Food Manual from the Tilda website for yourself. You won't regret it as it is packed with brilliant recipes as well as the science behind why certain foods can enhance your mood and wellbeing.

I'm just doing a round up of the recipes we've shared here (for my own benefit as it helps me find them again!)

Berry Oat Smoothie

Harissa Chicken 

Tuna fish steaks with mango salsa

Cottage pie with Celeriac, butter bean and leek mash

Trio of breakfast recipe ideas .... Brown rice and blueberry porridge, Bircher musli with Rhubarb and ginger compote and Greek yogurt with pomegranate and almonds.

We really enjoyed so many of the recipes and there were lots more I didn't get the chance to blog about so here are a few more pics to get your mouths watering...
Asian duck stir-fry

Salmon and broccoli pilaf

salmon and avocado rice salad
Thanks once again to Tilda for producing such a fabulous manual of recipe ideas that are so nourishing and good for body and soul. We've loved taking part in putting the Mood Food Manual to the test.


  1. I've made a note of the website, I'm so downloading this manual tomorrow!

    1. it really is good - we keep making recipes from it even now. x


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