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Siblings: March 2015

We got tickets for Emmetts Garden in Kent for the Kent Big Weekend and it was the perfect opportunity to get a Siblings pic for March.

I couldn't decide on my favourite pic so have included all 3...

I love this cheeky pic of Miss T sticking her tongue out. Despite everything that is going on with her health right now, I love how she still smiles and giggles and manages to be cheeky!

Notice those smart new boots! I owe a huge thanks to Hoad's Shoes who have just been amazing in helping Miss T find shoes that will work for her at the moment with her swollen left foot and right knee.

They helped find shoes that would fit last month and she was so happy to be able to wear shoes again after two months of not being able to.

But Miss T was still missing out when going on muddy walks or visits to the farm as her feet couldn't fit into her wellies and she can't bend the left foot sufficiently to get them into larger size wellies either.

These boots are waterproof so were the perfect solution as they also open really wide to get her foot in and out of them.

So thank you Hoad's for taking the time and trouble to get this right for Miss T - she can't be your easiest customer with her feet such different sizes from each other and the pain and stiffness she has - and yet you've managed to find a solution - thank you!

She's also loving her new jacket from Muddy Puddles - I'd been looking for a snow jacket for her and seeing the fab review on Emmy's Mummy, I knew it would be the right choice. We were so pleased with the super speedy service and the quality of this jacket.

As this is the very first jacket of her own (she's always had hand-me-downs from her brothers and from friends until now) it was an important decision to get a jacket that is perfect for her and we really are over the moon with it.

 Time to put those boots to the test...

And I love these pics of Miss T and Daddy who she always says is her favourite!

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  1. Super pics, glad T can puddle splash again x x

  2. Those photos of the three are just lovely, they look so happy together. Your daughters smile is just gorgeous. And, so glad that she's out splashing in muddy puddles again :) #siblings

    1. thanks Sara. Yes it is lovely to see her being able to splash in those puddles! x

  3. Awwww it really suits here. She looks adorable.
    I can't decide which picture I like the best with, they are all lovely

    1. thanks Clare. and thanks for the inspiration to get her that jacket - your review was great and was the prompt for us to buy it. x

  4. Looks like lovely family time, they all look so happy :)

  5. Such lovely photos! We have just bought National Trust Membership and I'm really excited to start using it. I was really lucky to win a Muddy Puddles Jacket - they are lively aren't they x

    1. enjoy your National trust membership - works out great if you've got a few places nearby and also great for if holidaying in uk too. x


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