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Siblings - January 2015

There was one linky last year that I intended to join in with every month and somehow never managed to get around to it. This year I was determined it was going to be different but once again I've missed the linking up bit with the linky but am determined to get the January Siblings post up tonight whilst it is still technically January.

We really struggle to get photos of all three children together so I am going to really try to make the effort to at least get a pic once a month of them. We could really do with joining in with the 'Me and Mine' linky too as photos of the whole family are even rarer. It actually gets embarrassing about how many months of photos we have to search back through to find a pic of all 5 of us together.

But at least here we are going to start with the 3 kids together...oh and my photos aren't particularly beautiful or 'arty' but just getting the three of them together vaguely looking in the right direction of the camera feels quite an achievement so I'll be happy with that as a starting point for January.

They are proudly showing off their new bears from Build-A-Bear Workshop. After being invited to visit Build-A-Bear Workshop just before Christmas last year , they desperately wanted to go back so they saved up their pocket money and Christmas money and we visited the Build-A-Bear Workshop situated in the Hamleys store in London. It was a lot busier there but still a very special experience.

Here they are at the start of the process choosing their bears...

Just like the first cuddlies they made at Build-A-Bear workshop, these 3 new additions to the family have also become firm favourites. Miss T adores her Olaf and sings 'Let it Go' along with him at the top of her voice.

As I missed doing her monthly update this month, I'm just going to mention a couple of the things she is saying...This winter at some point each day she looks out the window and says 'it's getting darker and darker'.

She will also say 'I've got a great idea' followed by whatever it is she wants to do.

She loves to eat crisps (I know, I know, the other two didn't have any crisps until they were about 5 or 6) and she still has a pretty sweet tooth often asking for 'tudding' (pudding).

For many many months she has looked at our light shade in our bedroom and said 'dog'. Now that she can speak and explain more, she still seems to see a 'dog' in there but we still cannot figure out what she means (as far as we can tell there is no dog anywhere to be seen).

Hopefully I will be a bit more timely in February and link up at Dear Beautiful properly.

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  1. and what beautiful siblings they are too. Top marks for getting them all together! We never did manage a family picture this New Year, I'm still sad about that :(

    1. It really is tricky to get everyone in a good mood and willing to pose for a photo or at least be in close enough proximity to each other for an unposed photo.

  2. I think natural photos are the ones your children will look back on with fondness, and you never know, they may re-create them 20 years on, like you see on the internet :)

    1. that's true. I just wish I was a little more skilled with a camera to capture a few good shots. x

  3. So great to have them all together! I am hoping to at some point get take the pictures of all 5 of you in Bruges :) #fingerscrossed :p

  4. Such beautiful kids... and they're so cooperative in front of the camera! :)

    1. thanks Yen. Your children always look adorable too. x


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