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Book review: Mobile Library, by David Whitehouse

Review by Richard Beesley

It is unusual to have a book where the first chapter tells you what happens, where the beginning shows you the end. And what an ending Mobile Library delivers! The whole book that follows gives the rest of the story and the hugely impressive build up to that finale.

Bobby Nusku is twelve years old. He has had a difficult childhood, with his parents separated and his uncaring father with whom he lives more interested in his drink and his new partner than anything Bobby could offer. Bobby is without hope, both at home and school. Bullied, oppressed and struggling.

But then he meets Val and Rosa and his life changes. Completely. Reading books in the mobile library Val cleans, he begins to dream of new adventure, new opportunity and new life. As troubles build for Val and Rosa, the mobile library becomes more than merely a sanctuary and becomes central to their adventure. In Val and her daughter, Bobby finds true friends, finds hope and finds people who truly want to be with him.

In this book, David Whitehouse has provided an amazing narrative. An exciting plot, full of twists and turns, and believable characters who develop and mature. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and loved the way other stories and tales that Bobby reads are woven into this one. Moving, stunning and perfectly paced, this is definitely one to read.

I also learned something from this book...There's no such thing as an ending.

Mobile Library, by David Whitehouse is published by Pan Macmillan and is available from their website.

Disclosure: Pan Macmillan sent me this book to keep for the purposes of review. All opinions are our own.

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