> The Beesley Buzz: Kick Start the year with Alive! (even with a broken foot)

Kick Start the year with Alive! (even with a broken foot)

This was going to be the year that we really got out and about a lot more. We weren't going to let the dreary January weather stop us. We were determined to get this year off to a great start. And then this happened...

After several x-rays and literally hours and hours spent at the hospital, the latest view from the doctors is that Miss T's foot might be broken and so it has been in plaster for the past couple of weeks.

At first I thought it meant all our plans for a bright and energised January were out of the window. I felt especially sad thinking that we wouldn't be able to make use of the fabulous box of outdoor toys to try out that Alive! multi-vitamins and minerals sent us. They also sent a supply of their Children's, Men's and Women's multi-vitamins to try out. Packed with their own special blend of 26 fruits and vegetables and specially formulated for men, women and children (3 years and over), this family of vitamins is being introduced to the UK after proving to be a huge hit in the US.

After taking the Alive! vitamins for a few days, instead of feeling low about Miss T's foot and all our dashed plans and hopes for the start of the year, I actually got a renewed boost of energy to make the most of our situation.

Instead of spending our days moping around indoors, we used the chance to do lots and lots of activities that we would ordinarily struggle to find the time and energy to do.

So out came the shaving foam and toy dinosaurs for messy play.

Musical shakers were made by filling containers with dried pulses and decorating with stickers.

There was cooking to be done...

and train track fun...

Eight year old D who has been taking the chewable Children's vitamins has been extra creative and arty lately.

We even managed to do a spot of indoor gardening, planting some Red Amaranth cress.

And we even found the energy to have a busy weekend in London...exploring Hyde Park

And although we were exhausted by the end of the day, we were still smiling...

Whilst we try to eat a healthy balanced diet with plenty of fruit and veg, I struggle to be sure whether me and the kids are getting all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need. By using Alive! vitamins, I can feel confident that we are getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals and I love the list of 'superfood' ingredients that they contain including pomegranate, acai berry, blueberry, kale, spinach, broccoli and so on.

And the Alive! range does NOT contain gluten, soya, dairy, yeast, artificial flavourings or colours.

We'd like to say a huge thanks to Alive! for sending us these vitamins to try out and we hope to continue the year feeling energised and motivated!

The Alive! range of vitamins is launching in the UK in February. You can find Alive! from Nature's Way on twitter here.

Linking up with Country kids for our outdoor adventures in Hyde Park and Kids in the Kitchen for the fun the kids had making pizzas. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. poor thing, I hope it heals quickly. looks like you've been making the most of the energy boost though!

    1. thank you. yes we've tried to make the best of a bad situation with Miss T's foot and have been trying to feel more energised this year.

  2. Glad you managed your Hyde Park adventure and hop the leg is making a good recovery.

  3. Oh no Poor Miss T :( It doesn't seem to have stopped her though, I'm glad to see you've still been up to loads and I really hope Miss T recovers well xx

    1. thank you Anne. It's looking more complicated than a broken foot after all but doctors are being very proactive in investigating whats wrong. x


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