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GIVEAWAY and review: Valentine Cake from Baker Days

After 15 years of marriage, I figure we must be doing something right, but when it comes to Valentine's Day we often let it pass by without celebrating. It's tricky finding a time to go out for a romantic meal with three kids in tow, and a weekend away is out of the question as we know it would just prove too tricky getting childcare organised for the kids.

But sometimes there are little gestures that mean a lot and this year Baker Days came to the rescue with their range of Valentine's Cakes. Not only is there a big range of designs to choose from, but they can also be personalised too.

The decision...
I chose the 'My Valentine' Cake for Richard in Letterbox size. The Letterbox size cake is a 5" cake (around 3-4 portions) and as the name suggests is just the perfect size to fit through the letterbox when it arrives.

This has huge advantages as you don't need someone to be home when it arrives.

I was really pleased with the design I chose as it looked really stylish. There were so many to chose from though that I was definitely tempted by the Olaf-style snowman cake, and the Bee design 'Meant to Bee' cake.

I had seen the Baker Days letterbox cakes online in the past and had made the assumption that it was only this letterbox size of cake that they specialised in, but how wrong I was! They have a range of sizes to choose from ranging from a cupcake (perfect for kids parties), right through to a large size with 40-55 portions. They even do bespoke orders e.g. for a corporate event.

You can also choose from 6 'flavours' including gluten free and dairy free. And of course, there's plenty of choice when it comes to the occasion. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, saying sorry, or thank you, or congratulations. A new job, a new baby, passing your driving test and many many other special occasions. The perfect cake design can be found on Baker Days.

And if you want to make it extra personalised, there is even a 'design your own' option where you get to upload your own text and photo.

The verdict....
We were wowed by the fact that it really does come packaged to fit through the letterbox and you get a very cute cake tin with it.

The cakes stay fresh for 14 days and you can even order for next day delivery.

We've been totally won over by these cakes as they make a great alternative to sending someone flowers as you don't need to worry whether they will be home to receive them. We love the fact they can be personalised too, making them the perfect thoughtful gift for someone.

The taste...
And they definitely taste great too! Richard was kind enough to share the cake with us all.
D enjoying a yummy piece of Daddy's cake from Baker Days


You can find out more about Baker Days on facebook, twitter and instagram but in the meantime, Baker Days have offered one of our readers the chance to win a letterbox cake of their own.

Just fill in the rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Entry is via rafflecopter and will be drawn at random, but Baker Days would love to hear from you on twitter with the #BakerDays hashtag to find out what your best ever Valentine's present has been.

Thank you to Baker Days for sending us this cake for the purposes of review and for providing another cake for the giveaway.

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  1. Great looking cake! I admit we never celebrate Valentine's Day on the day itself too (too commercialised) but we do go out for a nice meal on another day when the kids are in school :D

  2. I'm not interested in Valentines Day but am very interested in cake!!

  3. This looks so yummy. The diet would have to be put on hold if I won the cake.

    1. yes it would be a good excuse to take a little break from the diet x

  4. Great idea, and a lovely treat. One I'm sure my Valentine would appreciate.

    Rachel Craig

    1. they are brilliant how they fit through the letterbox. Fab idea as alternative to, or as well as, a valentine card.

  5. We tried one of these last year and I thought it was a great idea x

    1. they are definitely on my radar now to send for birthdays and special occasions. x

  6. lovely cake would be adored by my daughter

  7. very novel - what a lovely surprise to get through your letter box x


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