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L'atalier des chefs: Moroccan Cooking Class

Last Saturday whilst the kids were enjoying a Nintendo themed day in London (more about that soon), I headed to Oxford Circus for a Moroccan cooking class at L'atalier des chefs.

We had visited the St Paul's venue when D took part in an Actimel kids cookeryworkshop recently, so I knew that L'atalier des chefs had good facilities and I was really looking forward to this course.

I have to admit that I felt a little nervous going on my own as I imagined that everyone else there would be in pairs or groups that knew each other. Some were their as individuals, others as pairs and a group of friends too. We soon got chatting as everyone arrived and I felt really relaxed to be around such a great bunch of people.

The Moroccan cookery classes vary in length. The one I did was a 90 minute session and with three things on the menu to cook, I was wondering how we'd get it all done in the 90 minutes.
In the kitchen area, we were positioned around 4 big islands, with 6 workstations set up on each. Everything we needed was ready waiting for us and after a quick demo from our tutor to show us the best way of prepping the vegetables and herbs we needed, we were able to get started ourselves.

We worked as a team on our island, each tackling the vegetables for our Butternet Squash tagine and Baba Ganoush until they were ready to cook.
The cooking area is at the front of the room and whilst we all took turns with the cooking, there was plenty of space for us all to see what was going on.

We also made some great tasting flatbreads and saffron cous cous to go with our meal.

Aprons are provided and you don't need to take notes as the recipes get emailed to you afterwards.
Once our food was ready (indeed we managed it within the 90 minutes), we got to all sit together along a long table and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

The meal truly tasted great. The baba ganoush was my favourite and I will be making it again at home for sure.

The classes are reasonably priced and the fact that you get to relax and enjoy your delicious meal makes it a great alternative to going for a meal out as you get to learn some new skills at the same time.

A huge thank you to L'atalier des chefs for a great class and also a big thank you to Healthier Mummy as I won the class through Carole's blog.


  1. What a fantastic event - I would love something like this x

    1. thanks Louise. They are really enjoyable classes. x


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