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A Brighter day with belVita breakfast biscuits

 Some mornings just get off to a good start when little things fall into place or simple surprises make life that little bit easier and brighten up your day. BelVita is encouraging us to think of those #MorningWins.

Before I share some of our #MorningWins, I need to emphasise just how much of a breakfast person I am. I cannot function properly until I have eaten something in the morning for breakfast. But since becoming a mum, eating breakfast has become so much harder to do. 

I remember when J was born, after a 2 week foggy haze where day and night blurred together with night feeds, nappies and spending the day in my pyjamas, I decided that I needed to get out of the house. So one morning I set myself the mission of getting to a mother and baby group. 

So...morning breastfeed, a couple of nappy changes, then a couple of outfit changes after the winding and milky dribbles that new babies have, pack the change bag, get myself dressed, hair brushed, teeth brushed and we were off. 

Arriving at the group, everyone congratulated me on managing to get organised and get out of the house with a 2 week old baby and I was beaming at my achievement too having spent the previous two weeks stuck indoors in PJ's all day. 

Then I came across all wobbly and faint as it dawned on me that in all my effort and rush to get out of the house, I had totally forgotten one important thing...to have breakfast myself!

How I wished there was something I could have popped in my mouth to eat there and then. BelVita breakfast biscuits would have been perfect and had I found some in my change bag, that certainly would have been a perfect morning win. But sadly, instead I had to admit defeat and leave the group early to get home and have a bite of breakfast to eat. 

Whilst I no longer have a newborn baby to look after, with three kids and a cat to rush around after in the mornings, breakfast is still most certainly a busy time.

And I can easily end up having a totally frazzled start to the day!
Here are some things that I consider to be morning wins these days:

Whilst they're called breakfast biscuits and are packed with healthy whole grains and slowly release energy over 4 hours, belVita are great as a handy, healthy after school snack too. I meet my son at the school gates with a belVita biscuit to stop that after school 'hangry' (hungry and angry) feeling setting it. The doctor has actually recommended a slow release diet for him to prevent him getting blood sugar lows so belVita biscuits really do save the day! 

And as for me, even when everything else goes pear shaped, at least I can rely on belVita for my #morningwin each day:
This post is an entry for #MorningWin Linky Challenge sponsored by belVita. Learn more at http://bit.ly/belVitaUK

I wasn't speedy enough to get sent a sample of the new belVita biscuits but as I love them anyway, I'm always buying belVita as part of my regular shopping anyway! We're loving the new varieties - The one with crunchy hazelnuts is my new favourite. 


  1. I loved hearing about the things that improve your mornings. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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