> The Beesley Buzz: A double bill of #StrikingMums

A double bill of #StrikingMums

Having only just got around to writing last week's Striking Mum's post, I'm back on here writing based on this weeks prompt which is 'Laughter Therapy' with some great questions to ponder.

When was the last time you laughed out loud? What led to this?
Seeing Sinita's outfit on X-factor this evening! I also find Nancy from GBBO makes me laugh out loud with some of her comments. I still giggle about that time she said "wouldn't it be awful if this was salt?" (then tastes it) "no, no it's not". Like there's anything she could have done at that stage if it had been salt instead of sugar!

What is the silliest thing you have ever done?
Where shall I start. Far too many silly things but one things immediately comes to mind....

When we were homeschooling, I took the kids to a local attraction for a day out and there was a guy there with his little girl and as he was taking photos, I offered to take a photo of both of them together.

He was extremely grateful and passed his iphone to me. My own phone at the time was an extremely ancient one so I wasn't used to these hi-tech phones that can take photos. Instead of pressing the big button on screen that takes the photo, I kept pressing the button to the edge of the screen which takes you back to the main menu and away from the camera setting.

This happened about 3 or 4 times before I realised I was pressing the button to the increasing frustration of the man.

Then I found myself asking him if I used to work with him as he looked so familiar. He looked at me blankly and said no. I said 'are you sure?' as I definitely recognised him from somewhere.

Then he mentioned that he's a comedian and I may have seen him on the telly. He also said he normally has long hair (but he had it all up under a cap at that point).

Then I remembered!!! I still couldn't remember his name for sure as I couldn't remember if it was Russ or Ross. But I did remember the series he'd done years ago touring around Australia. Me and Richard used to watch that. So I told him how I don't usually watch any comedy except for watching him in his purple shirt touring around Australia on a motorbike. Oh and I did point out that there was only one other comedian I liked and that was....and I was so flustered at that point I couldn't remember that name either...eventually I said Jack Dee that I used to watch Jack Dee too.

And then I did something really really very silly. Even after establishing that I recognised him from the telly, I then went on to ask once again whether I may have worked at the same place as him before he became famous. Of course I didn't but in that moment he looked SO familiar that I thought I must know him from somewhere other than TV.

I got the boys to pose for a photo with him because I knew Richard wouldn't believe me if I told him I'd met Ross Noble!!!

Ask your child what they would like you to do that is really silly and see what they come up with and reveal all.

D said 'Do a handstand'.

J said 'run around in your underwear including running across the road'.

Is being daft part of your relationship with your partner if any?
We used to giggle a lot more but life can be so stressful with the kids and their various issues that by the time we've spent the day looking after the kids, done all the household jobs that need doing etc, it does leave much energy for giggles and being daft.

Who is your favourite comedian/comedienne? When did you last watch or listen to them?
We're loving Miranda at the moment. (And of course we like Ross Noble and Jack Dee as already mentioned above!). We're going to see Miranda live soon as granny has got us tickets for my birthday so that is very exciting.

Who do you enjoy laughing with most?
My soul mate - my husband! It's always nice to have a giggle with the kids and with good friends too.

How good are you at seeing the funny side in challenging situations?
Often not particularly at the time. But sometimes situations can be so ridiculous that you end up laughing instead of getting angry. For example, one sunday morning a few years ago, we were impressed that the boys had let us have a lie in. When we came downstairs, we found the boys had got hold of D's brand new ukelele-style guitar and had cut every string on it to tiny little pieces! We were too angry to get cross so we managed to laugh about that.

Another time when D was younger, he had sneaked a biro into bed with him and by the time we went to kiss him goodnight we found him asleep having drawn all over his headboard, and all over his whole body! It is worth pointing out he is our 'neurotypical' child but this incident did make us wonder.

More recently we were in the car one day and we heard the boys having a giggle. D is telling J, 'see that car's number plate? well if there was an S at the beginning and the E and the X were the other way around it would spell sex'. Then he leans forward and says 'mummy what does Sex mean?'

Make us laugh with a joke or a funny anecdote about being a mum.
I'll always remember my friend telling me that when you become a mum life changes so much but you have no idea until you have your second child how hard things are going to get. She said 'One is like having a handbag, 2 is like having a zoo!' The truth in that quote has really stuck with me and makes me smile. I wonder what she'd describe having 3 as. Any suggestions?

If you are really brave, post a picture with your knickers on your head. It is officially striking to be so silly!
I'm not quite brave enough to do that, but here's the piccy of the boys with Ross Noble to remind me of my silliness that day.

Kate on thin Ice Striking Mums


  1. D possibly more like granny than I realised! I remember using a hair grip to make a pattern on my headboard by scratching the surface off! Great granny was not amused.

    1. that is hilarious granny - can't believe you would do such a thing! xxx

  2. Great that you resolved the 'silly' situation by getting a photo of your boys with Ross Noble, and am dying to know how you answered the Sex question? Perhaps there's a blog post in that....

    1. I think I passed the sex question onto Daddy who diverted attention onto something else! We told him we'd explain more when we was a bit older.

  3. Love this and all the details. Did not recognise the name of the comedian but did recognise him once I saw the picture. I had an incident like that with tourists at Kings Cross station in London with the phone - clueless is what I am with such things. They were not famous though! Lovely to learn about what makes you laugh. I can have a very black sense of humour which gets me through the most challenging times but do let stress get to me too much and then am amazed that years down the line the stuff that stressed me out is now so hilarious - like when my son drew a life-sized dinosaour in felt tip on our lounge wall! Thanks for joining in and I hope you have a fab time with Miranda.

    1. That life-size dinosaur sounds awesome - but definitely not funny at the time i'd imagine. x

  4. Sorry I did laugh when I red about the guitar, purely out of shock I bet you wanted to strangle them ! I bet Ross Noble thought you were mad ha ha x

    1. it definitely was one of those situations where we were so angry that we had to stay calm if that makes sense. Thankfully we can laugh about it now. x

  5. What a fab story Rebecca and it is great that you captured a photo to remind you of this. I don't think I would have found the guitar story very funny, but I suppose it is different when you look back on these things, have a great week x

  6. Must have been very embarrassing with Ross Noble! I am to late for linking up, but here a mum mistake I made: The other week I got in the car to bring Chloe to school and only then noticed I had forgotton to rince my shampoo out and thus obviously also hadn't done my hair... Had to start all-over again...

    1. oh how funny! I've gone out wearing only one earring before because i had been distracted before putting the other earring on. x


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