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Day 10 of our road trip - Spending a day in Liverpool

It's 6am and me and Miss T have just been awoken by the sound of a lad returning home from a night out belting out 'we all live in a yellow submarine' at the top of his lungs. Perils of being right in the centre of things I guess.
This Beatles picture was made of jellybeans!
Last night the wind and rain picked up and although movement on the boat was still minimal, the wind knocked over the chair outside so we got up in the middle of the night to bring that in so it didn't go flying off into the water.

We are finding ourselves very grateful for the washing facilities here. There is a washing machine and dryer and having been on the road for over a week, the kids were starting to run low on pants and socks. (To put things in context we usually do at least one load of washing everyday at home so we really had got to the stage of needing to wash some clothes!)

It is now 10pm and a quiet moment to reflect upon our busy day...

We weren't sure quite where to start with sightseeing in Liverpool because there is so much to see and do here. The rain soon cleared up and the Albert dock area has so much to offer that we decided not to go too far afield.
We headed across the Albert Dock and went to the Liverpool Maritime Museum. We ended up staying there pretty much all day. It is free admission like many of the London museums but what we saw there was very different to any museums we've been to before.
Dressing up ready to board the Titanic
Miss T dresses ready for a journey on the Titanic - but manages to look like a cute version of a weeping angel!
We spent a fair while looking at the Titanic history and the links with Liverpool there along with other ships linked to Liverpool. We learnt about imports and exports and the role ships played during the Second World War.
The 'Seized' gallery was really fascinating showing items seized at customs over the years.
D enjoys the views from the Dining room restaurant
We had lunch in the 'Dining room' restaurant on the top floor which has great views over the docks.
There was a sniffer dog demonstration with Archie who is one of the sniffer dogs at Manchester airport. The kids really enjoyed that and got to stroke Archie at the end.
The 3rd floor was dedicated to a slavery museum with lots of thought-provoking displays. There was also badge making and a kids area there too.

We popped across to the Museum of Liverpool which was just a few minutes away and got to have a speedy look around there before closing time.

Another simple dinner picked up from Tesco express to enjoy on the boat, then an early night for Miss T after she'd had a major tiredness tantrum earlier in the day.

We let the boys stay up late to watch Smurfs2 which was showing on Sky. They watched it in their bedroom, whilst we watched it while packing our suitcases in the living area.

Off to Leeds tomorrow. Night night.
Miss T bought a little parrot called 'Little one' with her pocket money
'Pirate' the Parrot which D bought from the gift shop at the Maritime Museum
Written up on Thursday 28th August 2014 in Liverpool. This stay was day 10 of our Laterooms.com #52Sleeps roadtrip. Find out more here


  1. I love Liverpool, there is so much to see and do. The last time I went my Boo insisted that they were called the Albert Ducks!

    1. that's so funny! We did have a bit of a duck theme going on with our road trip as we did see some in the museum of Liverpool and then again in Leeds. x


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