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No worries!

Meet Biff. He's my worry-eater toy from The Toadstool. His species is a 'Sorgenfresser' from the German words 'Sorgen' meaning 'worry' and 'Fresser' meaning 'eater',
hence Sorgenfresser = WorryEater.

Worry-Eater 'Instructions'
His tag had some lovely instructions but they were written only in German, French and Italian. But luckily mum figured out from the French what it said (She's not sure if it is exactly right but it was enough to make sense):

Hi! I'm your little worry-eater Biff. Is all not well? Does nobody like you? Do you hurt somewhere? No problem!
Draw me a picture or write down what is on your heart and put the piece of paper in my mouth. Close the zip and you will see that after all from now on things will be better.

So then I realised exactly why he was called a worry-eater and I knew what his zippy mouth was for. So I renamed him Zippy and sometimes I call him Wishy because I can write down my wishes to put in his zipper too.

As soon as I got him he became one of my favourite cuddly toys. The trouble is that someone else also seems to love him a lot!

He even comes to bed with me each night along with my special blue bear and blue bunny.

Mum says it is always good to tell someone if we have any worries so as well as writing my worries down, I know that I can talk to my mum or dad about it too.

Thank you, The Toadstool, for my Sorgenfresser worry-eating doll!

Love Daniel xxx

Disclaimer: The Toadstool sent Daniel this toy as a thank you for helping with jokes along with Joshua. The views given here are our own. Find out more here (The Toadstool Joker Joshua), here (Pocket money spending at The Toadstool) and here (New Arrivals).


  1. Thank you Daniel joking Pirate, You wrote a really nice review :)

    1. He'll be pleased to hear that you liked it. xxx

  2. What a wonderful post, I think I need a worry eater!! Well done working out the French *seriously out of practice* xx

    1. I was so out of practice too - hadn't really done any French since my school days!!! It's amazing what we can figure out for the sake of our kids though isn't it. xxx

  3. We love ours, we've stuck with the name Biff - so it's nice yours has a different name, and zippy is a very apt one :)

    1. thanks for your comment. They really are a great range aren't they. And we love the worry-eating concept. xxx


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