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Embracing the Eighties! #SpecialK30

To celebrate Special K's new formula with a 3 grain recipe and now made with wholegrain (the first change since 1983), Britmums and Special K are challenging bloggers to think about how they've changed in those past thirty years.

I thought I was too young to have truly embraced the 80s, but a quick look at the photo album proves that the 'too young' theory is all just wishful thinking and that I actually was (and still am!) more of an 80's girl than I realised.

So here's what I remember from the 80's:

My dynasty grin and jewellery!
And my little bro in his 1980's suit. I got to stay up late every Wednesday evening to watch Dallas and little bro here was even named after Bobby Ewing in Dallas (and yes, I was very nearly named Pamela!).

80's hair grips!
Banana clips, alligator clips and all sorts of big-bow style hair accessories were all the rage in the eighties. But my favourite...these tooth-sprung hairclip things - What on earth were they even called? And what on earth do I look like with them sticking out either side of my head?!!!?

Crimped hair and big hair were really in. I LOVED crimped hair but before I was allowed to crimp my hair with crimpers I used to beg mum to put my hair in plaits so it would looked crimped the next day.

Technology in the 80's 
Check out the telephone and TV sets of the 80's!

And here's the latest in Hi-Fi technology to listen to all your fave records. (Looks like I still hadn't got the hang of those hair-clips!)

Trafalgar Square pigeons
My kids don't actually believe me when I tell them that Trafalgar Square used to be packed with thousands of pigeons that would sit on you to be fed and then poo on your head! Well here's the evidence...(oh and there's poor little bro, not only named after a Dallas character but STILL stuck in that awful suit!)

The Red Arrows
With red being the iconic colour for Special K, here is something else Red that reminds me of the 80's. My mother used to pretty much stalk the Red Arrows and always dragged us along to watch their displays. As wonderful as the Red Arrows are, I think I saw enough of them in the 80's to last me a lifetime so that is something that we no longer do.

For old times sake, here they are in 1983...

Here come the shoulder pads!
I may well have been too young for shoulder pads at the beginning of the 80's but by the end of the decade I was well and truly embracing the shoulder pad. Here I am with a bow tie (!) AND shoulder pads.

and what's this...an oversized white suit complete with...huge shoulder pads!

So how have I changed?
I guess in many ways I have embraced the 80's far more than I realised because...

I still own my walkman (albeit now held together with sticky tape)

and my leg warmers (which I tend to wear under my trousers to keep my ankles warm in winter nowadays)

and here is one of my 80's hair-clips which now does a very important job of acting as a curtain clip to reduce draughts.

However, rather than having big hair or crimped hair, I am now on a mission of constantly trying to straighten and tame my hair these days.

But I still LOVE Special K - especially with the new improved recipe making it even healthier and tastier than before. These light crunchy flakes taste all the better knowing they are packed with those wholegrains and now contain barley as well as rice and wheat. I loved them in the 80's and I love them even more now.

So here I am fully embracing the new tasting Special K, whilst embracing all the things I loved about the eighties...cue big hair, big make-up, shoulder-pads and my very own big 80's-style earrings inspired by my favourite cereal then and now...

P.S. Ok, Ok, I confess I may have had to resort to stuffing breast-pads in my jacket for this photo but that is not so different to all the things we used to improvise with then, is it? (think bread rolls / loo roll / socks etc. stuffed under bra straps!)

P.P.S. My brother hates being called 'Bobby' these days opting for Bob or Roberto instead and I don't think he has worn another suit since the 80's. I don't blame him really.

This is an entry for the BritMums/Special K “How I’ve changed Linky challenge"


  1. Fab photos! I enjoyed reading your memories of 1983.

    1. Thanks Galina. I loved your post too! xxx

  2. Hahaha.....I love those ear-rings! :D

  3. Wonderful post. Had forgotten about those 80s suits for girls. Commenting for BritMums and thanking yoiu for taking part. Great final pic!

    1. thanks Kate. Really had fun reminiscing over the 80's! xxx


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