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Mischief and Cuteness - T at 13 months

Here is what T has been doing since she turned 13 months old. Lots of very cute things and a few mischievous things...
  • Dropping things deliberately and saying "uh-oh"
  • Saying "woof" to anything that resembles an animal
  • Making a sound like 'ther-yar' (There you are) and passing toys and food to us.
  • Loves playing peekaboo (or 'a-bu' as she calls it)
  • Flicks the corners of the pages of books or catalogues or telephone directories and loves looking at the effect this has as the pages flick rapidly.
  • Shredding tissue - She's quite an expert at this.
  • Sometimes does 'polishing' the floor first with any tissues she finds before shredding them.
  • Within the past week or so has started to stand unaided for a few seconds and gradually built up to around 30 seconds or a minute. We have seen her take 1 step on two occasions too!
  • She is so proud of being able to stand up alone that she gives herself a round of applause when she does it.
  • High pitched ba-bye or night-night along with cute wave from the wrist.
  • Picks up any object looking like a phone and says "hi-ya".
  • Loves bathtime and splashes lots in the bath!
  • Is starting to be able to point to her nose when we say the word 'nose'.


  1. Ah - shredded tissue - lovely! I need to write a list for baby man or i will forget x

    1. thanks Louise. I have definitely been better with keeping notes on T's development by using the blog than a baby record book - but I still need to remind myself to do it as they grow up so fast! xxx

  2. Ever so cute :) and yes, great idea to keep a record of it like this! X


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