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January 2020 Unboxing video

Well here we are again for the 3rd month in a row of doing an unboxing video! Still dislike being in the videos and my kids still say they are the most boring videos ever but I'm finding it a great way of keeping track of wins as they arrive, used in combination with my prize win spreadsheet.

We've got a couple of extra things that haven't made it into the video so will hopefully feature in February - one is awaiting confirmation of dates/details, another that I only found out about on 31st January, and a couple of things not yet arrived in the post.

So January is off to a good start. I never know whether to include items arriving in January but won in December in my December list on my spreadsheet or in January. So as a general rule of thumb it seems to have worked out that anything I knew about in December that then arrived in January went into the December section on my spreadsheet, but any prizes I found out about in January (but may have been entered in December) into the January section.

January often starts out well because of any advent / Christmas prizes arriving so it gets the comping year off to a good start.

I've had to plead with my son to edit the video clips together again (as I really don't have any video editing skills!) So thank you Daniel.

There were a couple of things that arrived that aren't strictly prizes but Mumsnet product tests - so one of them made it into the unboxing. We used to get selected for their product tests quite a lot but as the kids have grown older, we hadn't been selected for quite a while so it's nice to get a couple of things to try out again.

Despite my efforts to make a short unboxing - it is proving impossible! Well at least it feels like it was a bit of a bumper month for wins. You can see what we made with some of our Northern Dough Company pizza dough on my Instagram highlights - it was a great prize and we had lots of fun pizza-making.

Hope January has been good to you too!

You can see our November 2019 unboxing here and our December 2019 unboxing here.


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