> The Beesley Buzz: November 2019 - Our first ever comping unboxing video!

November 2019 - Our first ever comping unboxing video!

Not quite sure what on earth possessed me to do an unboxing video when I hate the sound of my own voice and can't stand seeing myself in a video!!! But I was so inspired by attending SuperLucky Live last month, that when we returned home from Mexico to a pile of parcels to open, I thought it would be a good chance to have a go at unboxing!

I never quite understood why unboxing videos tend to be quite long but now I do as sometimes it takes ages to open each parcel.

The convention seems to be to do a monthly unboxing video at the end of the month - but I figured if I don't upload it now, then I know I will chicken out of uploading it altogether.

And yes, the amazing Mexico holiday that we've just returned jet-lagged from was a prize win too!

Now if you want to see how unboxing should be done properly, check out some of my favourite unboxing videos I like to watch: Di & Ry, Gary Wasabi and the Johnstone boys and Glam and Geeky mum Nikki.


  1. Well done on your prizes. When you mentioned JAR I realised that I have bought your book.Best wishes.

  2. Outstanding! The only thing I've unwrapped in the last fortnight is my Birdseye plate! Can't wait to see the journal in the flesh!

  3. A great unboxing and you should definitely have Trinity in all future unboxing as she was amazing x

  4. Always exciting to open parcels. I had a win with Nairn's earlier in the year too and those oat bars are good. And another book, wow.

  5. Just seen this in Jan - ordered your book! Fab wins and your Mexico holiday sounds magical! Following you for inspiration and waiting for my journal so I can be organised in 2020

    1. Thanks for your support Julia. Let me know how you get on with the journal! Happy comping for 2020 x


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