> The Beesley Buzz: December 2019 comping unboxing video

December 2019 comping unboxing video

After last month's comping unboxing video and blogpost I wasn't sure if I would do another one because a) I don't like being on camera and b) I don't like being on camera!

But it is weirdly satisfying to do, so here is our December unboxing with a few caveats...

My wonderful son edited the clips together for me because I don't know how to. So he ended up including videos where I had unboxed some of the supplements I take for my back pain. Oh well, may end up being useful to someone.

He's also taken the liberty of adding odd snippets in and as the video took over 3 hours to render I couldn't face asking him to change any of it.

However quickly we try to unbox stuff, it seems unboxing videos are destined to be long videos. I normally don't have the patience to watch anything over 3 or 4 minutes so if we carry on our unboxings then I'm going to try to condense them as much as possible.

The other caveat is that this doesn't include everything for December as I've had a few things from Advent / Christmas competitions that haven't yet arrived and also something nice that may be given as a gift in future so don't want spoilers in the video. How do unboxing folk deal with those dilemmas?

And my kids tell me my unboxings are boring. But here it is anyhow!

Oh and the prize that was destined for Miss T for Christmas has actually been hidden away for her birthday as she had plenty of other things for Christmas so sssh!!!


  1. Well done on all your wins, good luck for 2020. Happy New Year to you and your family x

    1. thank you - I loved watching your unboxing too. All the best for 2020! x


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