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Avocado smoothie bowl

This was my Easter morning breakfast and it tasted soooo good I needed to keep a note of the ingredients that I threw into it.

Ingredients for the smoothie bowl:
1 ripe avocado 
A teeny drizzle of double cream
2 dates 

A handful of blueberries
A sprinkle of pumpkin seeds
A scattering of roasted chopped hazelnuts

Just blend together the main ingredients for the smoothie bowl. I use my Kenwood kmix blender which makes light work of this. Then pour into a bowl and add the toppings. 

It's amazing how just two dates can add so much sweetness. I've been able to cut loads of sugar out my diet lately using the natural sweetness of dried fruit. 

This makes enough for two people in my opinion but sadly no one else in the family was tempted to have any so it made a very filling breakfast just for me. I didn't want to risk keeping half of it in case the avocado discoloured.

My hastily taken photo doesn't really do it justice but it really does taste good!

It tastes just as creamy without the double cream so no need to add that.
In this version, for the topping I added chopped roasted hazlenuts and pumpkin seeds as before but also cacao powder and fresh raspberries.

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  1. That looks GOOD! I love avocado and am trying to eat it more.

    1. I've always enjoyed avocado but had gone off it lately eating it as plain avocado but like this it tastes so creamy and yum!

  2. Looks lovely - I do love avocados x

  3. Looks good. Your family sounds like mine. I'm the only one who will eat avocado. I tried using avocado in a pasta sauce a few months ago, but they rejected it. I just buy the really small avocados.

    1. Miss T will eat them but she's not a big eater so I'm still left with most of it. I've started to wrap half avocados in cling film in fridge and they don't discolour too much.


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