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Draw with me - Easter 2016

We were thrilled to see the Draw With Me linky return this month to This Mummy Loves. It is a great way of keeping a record of some of the things that the kids draw and make. Otherwise I find I don't have space to keep everything in the house and eventually they will end up going in the bin to make room for new creations.

This month's theme is Easter and Miss T has been getting creative with some Easter themed crafts. Her drawings are beginning to take shape a bit more but mainly when she draws she likes to draw treasure maps so they don't have much to do with Easter! Hence here I am showing the craft activity that she is really proud of instead.

First up is an Easter chick with eggs...

And next is a daffodil - What I love about this one is how she hasn't been constrained by where the paper ends like an adult would be when drawing or creating art but instead her daffodil just goes off the edges of the paper as it wishes to.

The other thing she will happily spend ages on is 'writing'. She does tiny little marks that actually from a distance do look like writing.

There are a few letters that she can write properly, T, i, and r for example that she has just picked but she far prefers to do this type of writing. Mark making of any sort is so important at this age so we haven't worried at all about any 'proper' letter formation but just let her enjoy writing anything at all that she wishes to.

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  1. Oh such wonderful pictures Miss T! Thank you for taking part again, we've really miss this linky so it just had to come back and so pleased you could join us again :)


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