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Chocolate Popcorn

The other day Miss T had a friend over and they did some cooking together - They made what we like to call 'chocolate playdoh'. It is actually a really simple chocolate truffles recipe that is great fun to make with the kids and we've blogged the recipe for it here.

I was left with the scrapings of the dark chocolate in the bowl I had melted it in. I noticed that I also had a bowl of leftover popcorn -  the remains of a bowl of popcorn I had made for the kids to take in their lunchboxes to school.

So I wondered what it would be like to throw the popcorn into the melted chocolate and mix it around and see how it turned out. Really rather good it seems.

I spread the chocolatey popcorn out on some greaseproof paper to allow the chocolate to set and we all agreed that it tasted fab and it's a brilliant way of using up those last scrapings of chocolate when you are making another recipe.


  1. What a great way to use up a couple of ingredients Rebecca!
    Angela x

  2. Great idea!
    Must remember this next time we have popcorn xx

  3. Ohh yum, this sounds delicious and actually I used to buy (expensive!) bags of this at my last work. I'll give it a go. Mich x

    1. ooh i never knew you could buy it. So easy to make though. x


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