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New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward for Nintendo 3DS

Here's my diary since I've been playing New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward

Since I met my new friend Sophie in Beaumonde City my life has totally transformed. Sophie had her own clothing boutique but as she loved my sense of style SO much she has let me take over the boutique.

That's right, I'm the manager of my own fashion boutique in Beaumonde City where I am meeting LOADS of new people and making great friends.

Sophie's been great at showing me the ropes. She told me about the Exhibition hall where I can buy more stock for the boutique. She's also taken me to Caprice Chalet - a pretty mysterious place where I can style my own miniature room in the dolls house in the attic. The room then becomes a real room in the chalet - how cool is that! I've also found the local cafe, hairdressing salon and park.
One of my plainer rooms in Caprice Chalet

One of my more adventurous rooms in Caprice Chalet
It seems the longer I stay here in Beaumonde city, the more places I find out about and the more I can do.

My absolute favourite thing to do is to make my customers happy in my style boutique. They come in with all sorts of requests and dilemmas and it's a great feeling to be able to find them just the item of clothing they were looking for.

They are always so happy when I get it right! Of course, getting it right and selling them the right piece of clothing helps my bank balance too as the style boutique funds increase as more and more happy customers spend their money.


I started out by looking like myself (well perhaps a younger version of myself), but after a few visits to the hair salon, I've ended up looking a bit different to how I started out in Beaumonde city. The hairdresser even dyed my hair blonde at one point!
Noor is the local hairdresser - She is happy to do a completely new hairstyle or you can stick to something more familiar
Oh and have I told you about Ricky? Well there's this guy I met called Ricky and there's something going on with him but I can't quite put my finger on it just yet. My other friends here have spotted him hanging around the boutique and even trying to disguise himself. He seems a nice guy so I don't think he's up to mischief. Perhaps he might like me?
Here's Ricky, disguised as Mickey! I bumped into him when I had my blonde hairstyle
I'm sure the longer I hang around, the more I'll find out.

I know I have my own apartment to relax in and for changing my own clothes or make up (did I tell you that one of my new friends here gave me my own make up set!) but sometimes it's good to get home to my own real world after work. So me and Miss T decided to do a bit of New Style Boutique 2 role play ourselves based on a customer example:

Customer comes into boutique and asks for what they need:

If you have something suitable, they try on the item in the changing room:

If they are happy with the item, they buy the item, having shown how happy they are with lots of happy movements/poses: 

I was beginning to get fed up of just helping people with one item of clothing here and there, but then I discovered that using an amiibo can get another person into the game (based on the mii character that the amiibo is linked to) and they need kitting out from scratch so that's a really fun way to give someone a whole new look and a whole new outfit. 

I even had one of the customers already in Beaumonde city come to me for a complete makeover. It was tempting to go really wild and create an outfit from my most unique and expensive pieces, but it turns out that you won't have happy customers if you compromise on style. Sometimes less is more as no customer likes a complete mish-mash of styles.

What I love about Beaumonde city is that everyone is so helpful. Just by talking to everyone I meet I am learning more and more about this place. I also like that there are male and female characters. I haven't quite worked out whether I'll ever get the chance to style a male customer. There aren't any men's clothes in the boutique or stockists at the moment. But this place is full of surprises so who knows.

Some of the characters wear spectacles. Which is great to see as spectacle wearers are usually hugely under-represented in games, magazines and on TV.

The one thing I couldn't stand when I first arrived here was the girly girly level of excitement. Everything I said or did seemed to elicit lots of bouncing around with excited hands flapping around. But this has totally grown on me and now I love seeing the excitement in my customers faces when they are happy with their new purchases.
lots of excitement like this from customers when you find the right item! 
I've even grown to love the little goodbye wave that I do when my customers leave the boutique.
Waving bye to my customer
So now it's time to wave bye to you too. I'll keep you posted if anything else exciting happens in my boutique or in Beaumonde city. In the meantime keep your fingers crossed for a romance between me and Ricky. I love this place so much I've literally been dreaming about it!

New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward is the brand new game from Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. I hope I've given a brief glimpse into this fantastic lifestyle game. I've been sent these top tips which really helped me out so I hope they'll help you too! The best tip for me was using the magnifying glass to help find the right items that matched with the customers requests. Although this game is rated PEGI 3, you need to be old enough to read fluently to fully appreciate the game. I think it's going to appeal most to tweens, teens and those in their twenties. I really got into it and enjoyed it despite my grand old age! 

Disclosure: We were sent the download code for this game for the purposes of review. All opinions are our own. 

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