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New blog header

I know just what you're thinking...oooh nice new blog header.

Yes it was time for an updated look and as we've always muddled through doing our own (very basic) designs it was really nice to have this header done professionally for us by the very talented Charlotte at F&R Designs.

We'll gradually roll out the new logo to our social media platforms but just wanted to get it up onto the blog first.

We were extremely lucky to have won the chance to have our blog header designed by F&R Designs and we are so happy with the outcome.

We told Charlotte the background to our blogname and how it is a play on words with our surname being Beesley and so we've always had bees feature somewhere on our header. She put some thought into it and came up with the idea of incorporating the Bee theme into our actual blog name for the design. Genius.

Thanks so much F&R Designs for our new look!


  1. Was lovely working with you! Thank you for being fabulous to collaborate with!

  2. Love it! Exciting revamp, it's always good to take a fresh look! x

  3. It looks fab! I really must sort mine out this coming year!

    1. thanks Louise. It is one of those jobs that is tricky to find time to do isn't it. x

  4. Love the new look Rebecca xx


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