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Minion Madness!

Minion madness seems to have taken over the world and it hasn't bypassed the Beesley household. We've been reviewing some great Minion themed stuff to coincide with the recent launch of the Minions Movie.

Everyone seems to love minions. And what's not to love? They're pretty cute characters really aren't they? We've also long enjoyed playing Top Trumps in various guises depending on the latest theme the kids are into. Top Trumps is a simple concept of a game, but can bring hours of enjoyment with a single pack of Top Trumps cards. Great for travelling or to play at home.
So putting together the Minions theme with Top Trumps cards is just a genius idea. Through these cards, the minions are travelling through various eras in history from Dinosaurs to Ancient Egypt. The game is played by competing on cleverness, bravery, leadership, mischeivous and a top trumps rating.

There are 30 cards in total and each features a different movie themed mission. The cards are aimed at children aged 3+ and Miss T joined in the fun too as it is such a great concept that I think anyone aged between 3 and 103 would enjoy it.

The RRP is £4.99 and they are out now available for purchase.

Our minion fun was not yet over as we then received another interesting blue and yellow parcel...
This one contained the new Crayola Colour Alive Minion themed colouring book. This is a really unique concept that I hadn't seen before where you can download a Colour Alive App to go alongside your colouring book that 'brings your colouring to life'.

You can find out more including a video and instructions that we found really helpful here.

 D coloured in a page of the colouring book. There are 16 pages in total.

 Once the page is coloured in with the markers that come with the colouring book, you use the app, line it up with your picture to get started, then the picture comes to life with special effects too.

You can move the character around and see it with your own background. You can also even take photos and selfies alongside your coloured in character. Really cool stuff that my kids really loved!

It took a while for me to get to grips with the app so it really is worth taking a quick look at the guide on the Crayola website to really make the most of it and understand what it can do.

You can find the Minions Colour Alive Colouring book at leading retailers. The RRP is £6.99 and it would make a great gift for any minion fan. Look out for other Crayola minion themed items coming soon too.

disclosure: We were sent the Top Trumps card and Crayola Minions Colouring book for the purposes of review. All opinions are our own. 


  1. These look great. I love the enthusiasm your little ones emit :)

    1. thanks Rachel. They do get very excited when it comes to minions! x

  2. Oh my boys would love the minions top trumps may have to get some for the summer!

    1. top trumps is a great game and minions themed ones make it all the more interesting for the kids. x

  3. My two love Minions, I'll be keeping an eye out for the top trumps :)

    1. thanks Paula. There really is something loveable about those minions isn't there. x


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