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A different journey through Primary school

Little boy, aged 4, dressed in red,
Hopes and dreams lay ahead.
First day at school full of confidence and joy,
Feeling so proud of our little boy.

They knocked your confidence, they shattered those dreams,
Smiles turned to frowns and tears and screams.

Scared, worried, lonely, afraid,
This so called 'education' - the price you paid.

A change of school, a chance to start anew,
Set in their ways, they didn't understand you.
Doctors tried to tell them what they were doing wrong,
But they stuck to their own hymn sheet, played the same old song.

Scared, worried, lonely, afraid,
At 5 years old, you weren't to blame.

Uniform ditched, we did it alone,
Homeschooling - and my how you shone.

How happy you were, how much you achieved,
Headlines in papers, made the doubters believe.

No longer afraid, no longer alone,
Over three years we unravelled the harm they had done.

One day you decided to give school another try,
We held our breath tentatively. Was the choice was right?

Now not so little, and now dressed in blue,
Finally a school that knew what to do.
A school with understanding and acceptance at its core,
A rare gem of a school, I wish there were more.

7 years on from when we began,
No-one could have predicted this happy end.
Your story could have been one ending with pain and sadness,
Instead you leave Primary school with a heart full of gladness.

You worked hard, you did it, we are so very proud of you,
And we are eternally grateful to your primary school.


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  1. Wow, that sent shivers down my spine. So brilliant and so pleased that there has been a happy ending for you xx

  2. I am so glad your son has finally found a school that can meet his needs and so sad that the others failed him so badly. All the best for him at his next school.

  3. An absolutely wonderful read :) Well done to all of you x

  4. Wonderful. Always love a happy ending :)

  5. Whoop, whoop. You have all done so well and just look how happy your son looks at the end. Now the new adventure starts for our boys Rebecca xx

  6. Fantastic! So glad you wrote this. I had assumed it'd be a lot longer till you did. Well done. And poetry made it much easier to write, I bet. Sometimes only poetry will do ;-). What a great story.

  7. Love this, bought a tear ro my eye. He really is a credit to you xx

  8. Awww, fantastic poem and one I could so empathise with.
    He looks so happy in the last picture and I hope he enjoys secondary school. A big change on the way but, with the right support, he'll enjoy it.
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

  9. Love this. I admire that you home-schooled, I would have no idea where to start. It was the best choice for you, look at how happy he is #SSAmazingAchievements


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