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Our first taste of Glamping!

We've just had the most amazing few days away at Manor Farm, one of the locations you can escape to with Featherdown Farms. And 'escape' really is the right word for it as with no electricity we were forced to go without our phones, emails and gadgets and here's the really good bit....none of us even missed them!

I wrote up a diary using pen and paper whilst we were there. The kids found it hilarious that I was still finding a way to 'blog' but without a computer. You can see our diary here but as it is a long post, this post is supposed to be a shorter 'summary' version.
We had a 'frills tent with hot tub' and as this is not a review post, you can look up any details yourself over at Featherdown Farms. If you're expecting luxury hotel style surrounings, then glamping is not for you because at the end of the day it's on a farm with dust, cobwebs and even a few spiders. You have to get used to only having cold running water (although we did have a nice gas powered outdoor shower which was lovely and warm) and it takes ages to boil water for a cuppa. There is a drinks machine in the honesty shop if you get desperate for a morning coffee fix but we loved the idea of slowing down the pace of life so stuck to boiling our own water on the wood burning stove.

We'd been warned by Siobhan at Everyone else is normal that it can get very cold at night so we had taken dressing gowns and hot water bottles. As the tent sleeps 6 people, we even doubled up the spare duvets on us as I really feel the cold.

We spent our days watching the kids play outdoors with sticks. We built campfires. We sat in the hammock and watched the sunset. We spent our evenings toasting marshmallows on the open fire.

We cooked outdoors (would highly recommend the luxury BBQ pack and the Stew pot). The boys joined in with Club Morgan. We had an amazing farm tour.

And we were made to feel so welcome and looked after. Will and Anna checked on us at some point everyday to make sure we were ok. Their kids are amazing and friendly too.

If you are looking for rustic, romantic, idyllic surroundings where you really can get away from it all - This place is simply perfect!


  1. Oh my days Rebecca it looks absolutely lovely there !

  2. It does look idyllic. I could manage a nice relaxing break there, slowing down the pace sounds like a good idea. I'm just not so sure about the cold, and the spiders.

    1. the cold wasn't too much of an issue as we could wrap up warm at night and once the wood burner got going it soon warmed up in the mornings. x

  3. What a wonderful break away, I've heard lots of good things about Faetherdown Farms. Mich x

    1. it really is a great concept and so nice to be 'away from it all'. x


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