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Mission 1: Thunderbirds.com website review

No matter how young or old you are, everyone seems to know something about the legendary Thunderbirds. Originally a hit TV series in the 1960s, the Thunderbirds are back with a thrilling new series.

The kids had caught a couple of the all-new episodes on citv recently so couldn't believe their luck when they were asked to take a look at the Thunderbirds.com website and join in the fun there. 

You can sign up as a recruit, take part in International Rescue training missions, earn badges and rewards and work your way through the ranks. 

In this video, 9 year old D (or should I say 'FearlessSpectrum50' which is his recruit ID) is here to tell you all about it. 

It's great fun creating your Recruit ID name from the various options. J's recruit ID is StealthMotorbike05. And Richard has chosen 'IsotopicFusion03'. Cool names huh!?

We are particularly impressed with the parental controls that can be set up when you register a parent account. 

You can find out everything there is to know about Thunderbirds! There are a few things that have been kept extra secret for added fun. For these areas, you can download a free field app onto mobile devices to find out the extra info. This isn't essential as you can still play the missions without it. 

The kids have each done a couple of missions each and have really enjoyed them even though they found them quite tough at times. They are very keen to get back on the website for more missions soon!

So if you feel up to the challenge (and if you think you can create even cooler recruit ID names, then log onto Thunderbirds.com and get started). Join us back here on the blog tomorrow for a review of the new Thunderbirds Are Go DVD and if you missed our unboxing video yesterday, you can catch that here

The DVD can also be preordered on Amazon or iTunes in advance of the release date of 22nd June. 

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