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Making a mini Mii

When the lovely people at Nintendo asked us to try to create a Mii on the Nintendo 2DS, I asked my little helper (D) to give me a hand in creating a mini-Mii of me!

It turned out that Blue Bear also wanted to help, but he found the stylus a little tricky to hold so it was back to D as the master artist.

There are two ways to create a Mii, so we started off by creating one from scratch. You get to select the height and 'girth' of the Mii, along with the overall face shape and then each part of the face in turn. Eye colour and shape, eyebrow colour, shape and position, nose shape, mouth shape, hair - you name it, every facial feature is yours to sculpt.

After just a few minutes, D had created the Daddy Mii and gave him a name and favourite colour.

D was very keen to try other way to create a Mii - using the 2DS to take a photo.

Once the photo was taken, a basic Mii is built for you. The 2DS gives a number of faces to choose from, and you can then edit every feature separately if you want to. We didn't, and D simply chose the face that he thought looked most like daddy, saved it and set him free to mingle with the first Daddy Mii.

Creating a Mii was very simple and good fun. D now has plans to create a Mii for each member of the family.

Disclosure: As Nintendo Family Bloggers, Nintendo have kindly sent us a 2DS for the purposes of review. 


  1. How fab! I would love one of these if i was bigger. For now mummy's iPhone and apps are enough ;) x

  2. This looks great and would definitely appeal to my kids!

  3. hehe - that looks fun . My two would love this - not sure their results would be flattering though!

  4. Aww that's such a lovely way to add a personal touch!

  5. This is lovely idea that you can change the image further and add more personalize features


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