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My Squeebles family by Trinity

I woke up this morning to the cutest thing and have asked Miss T if I can share on the blog which she was happy for me to do. 

We are all BIG fans of the Squeebles apps from Key Stage Fun - a range of maths related and spelling apps for children. The kids have as much fun as they would if they were playing a game and I have the satisfaction of knowing the huge educational benefits of these apps.

When J was younger they enabled him to get super good at his times tables that we would know all the times tables right up to the fifteen times table totally off by heart - it was truly incredible! 

The cute in-app characters are called Squeebles and Miss T decided to create our whole family as Squeebles. I love every single one of these that she has created:  

Daniel as a Squeeble is called Danny Boy 5:
  • Favourite food is chocolate
  • Favourite hobby is cuddling cats
  • Interesting fact: Danny Boy 5 gets on really well with other cats.

Trinity as a Squeeble is called Trinity the Greatest 2000:
  • Favourite food is chocolate cake
  • Favourite hobby is being a giraffe
  • Interesting fact: Trinity the Greatest 2000 is part giraffe.

Mummy as a Squeeble is called Mummy:
  • Favourite food is lasagne
  • Favourite hobby is comping
  • Interesting fact: Mummy once won a trip to the World's best restaurant. 

Daddy as a Squeeble is called Daddy:
  • Favourite food is chocolate
  • Favourite hobby is cuddling Trinity the Greatest 2000
  • Interesting fact: Daddy is a scientist.

Joshua as a Squeeble is called JCB:
  • Favourite food is Pepperoni Pizza
  • Favourite hobby is Crossy Road (obvs!)
  • Interesting fact: JCB broke the world record on Crossy Road and never stops eating. 

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