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The Crossy Road King turns 16! Happy 16th Birthday Josh!

Dear Joshua,

You came into our lives 16 years ago on a stormy night at 2.30am. You certainly kept us waiting. 9 days late beyond your due date and after a whopping 72 hours in labour, you eventually shot into the world like a rocket that night. And life has never been quiet since!
From the moment you were born, we couldn't remember life without you. We used to think back to memories of holidays and things we'd done previously and it was like you were there with us in our memories because we just couldn't remember what life without you was like.

You kept us on our toes from the outset. I remember you sleeping well until you were two weeks old. And then everything changed and you didn't sleep well for about 13 or 14 years after that. It is only in the past couple of years that you settle to sleep a lot better. No-one warned me about that!

One of my friends described having a new baby like having a little stranger come and live with you and you have to get to know them over time. So you were our little stranger and you were always on the go. Never stopping. Never sitting still.

Always super intelligent. Little did we know then just how intelligent! As our firstborn we had no idea that it wasn't normal to know ALL the numbers on an advent calendar at just 18 months old. We didn't realise it wasn't normal to be able to add and subtract a string of numbers in your head at just 3 years old.

It was only as part of the assessments around the time of your ASD diagnosis aged around 5 that the doctors told us that your IQ level was beyond that of a 16 year old which was all their scales measured up to. And now you are 16 and you can easily outwit the rest of us put together!

We are so very proud of you Josh. More than you will truly ever know. We know you have had to overcome so many challenges. We know that some days things will be more of a challenge for you than other days and we are not always as patient as we should be. We don't always get it right. Sorry. But please know that we love you immensely and always have and always will.

Since Trinity came along, you've shown what a brilliant big brother you are - caring and kind. Of course, you are big brother to Daniel too but you were just a baby when he was born so it's like he's always been part of your life. These days Daniel appreciates having his big brother to encourage him and help him with running and gaming - the hobbies you share together.

Of course we are proud of what you've achieved at school but also of your extra-curricular activities like your running and your volunteering with Park Run and Boys Brigade and Summer holiday church club. All of which put you out of your comfort zone and yet you still do it and do it so well. 
I suppose at this stage, we should also mention a bit more about your other big love - gaming! And yes we are proud of you being the World Record holder of the Highest score on Crossy Road.

Did we ever think we'd have any kind of world record holder in our family? No. But did we always know that you would be capable of achieving anything you set you mind to? Yes - without a doubt.

When you were a toddler, people used to comment that you used to think of doing things that wouldn't even occur to other children of your age (usually related to climbing somewhere you shouldn't or escaping to somewhere you shouldn't). We fought so hard for you at school to be understood. We sided with you when the teachers just didn't get it. In the end we realised that most the time you were being held back academically because the teachers couldn't keep up with you! I remember you complaining to me that you'd finish your work and that they wouldn't let you move onto the next page of your workbook. That's just insane. No wonder you thrived with homeschooling! And when you went back to school - to schools that understood and knew what you were capable of - well just look how amazing you have been and still are!!!
So your 16th birthday has been a bit strange. We couldn't go out for your usual McDonald's so we made our own at home. And I couldn't home-bake you a cake like we normally do but we managed to make the shop-bought cake themed in a way you liked.

And now you have a whole new chapter ahead of you. A-levels and beyond. And we know you'll smash it Josh. Happy birthday 16 year old!


  1. Happy Birthday Josh! What a wonderful tribute, he sounds like an amazing young man. Loving the cake and the 'fake' Mc Donalds. I hope he had a lovely day xx

  2. Thank you Anne - he had a good day and I think Dan and Trin enjoyed the food too!


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